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History, Affiliations & Rankings

Odessa National Medical University, located in Ukraine, is one of the oldest medical colleges across the globe established in 1900. It has over 110+ years of history and was formerly known by the name Novorossiyskiy State University. Odessa National Medical University is a government-recognized institute, and it also has the rights of self-governing. The Odessa National Medical University is the first institute in Ukraine that started medical education in the English medium and is approved by the global medical bodies WHO and MCI. The National Academy of Science of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine have awarded a medal to the Odessa National Medical University for the development of the modern model for teaching the English speaking students

Infrastructure, Campus & Courses

Odessa National Medical University comprises 56 departments, a medical college, preparatory faculty and a post-graduate faculty. The university boasts of possessing six fully-furnished hostels with centrally heated rooms and 24 hours of gas, hot & cold water, and electricity supply. The hostel of Odessa National Medical University also provides reading rooms, gym, security, phone and cafeteria facility for the comfort of the students. The Odessa National Medical University focuses on sports and recreation along with study. The university is equipped with six sports halls for sports like wrestling, athletics, aerobics, table tennis, rhythmic gymnastics, badminton, gym (training room). Students can participate in more than 16 kinds of sports at the university. The Odessa National Medical University also looks after the creative cells of the students by hosting events in the students’ centre “VITA”. Along with the grandest library, the university has three museums and a polyclinic service to keep the students engaged.

Accomplishments & Alumni 

Recognised by WHO and MCI, the university is also bestowed with a quality certificate from ISO. The Odessa National Medical University is listed in the World Directory of Medical Colleges and is awarded constantly for its high-quality education and facilities. The alumnus of the university is working at highly reputed jobs across the country and the globe. Odessa National Medical University is bestowed with 800 teachers, 105 professors & doctors, 18 academicians, etc. The campus of Odessa National Medical College is bestowed with the latest medical technologies that enhance the scope of teaching and learning.

Student Diversity & Visiting Companies

The Odessa National Medical University enrols 4,000 students annually, out of which 1,200 are international students. The college enrols international students from almost 52 countries. International students are given training in three languages such as Russian, French and English. So far, around 6,000 international students have graduated in various medical courses at Odessa National Medical University. These graduates are working as doctors/ medical professionals in 87 countries across the globe. The varsity focuses on practical as well as academic growth of the student. Being one of the oldest and trusted Universities, the Odessa National Medical University is known for its high-quality education and world-class facilities.

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