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Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University, Ukraine Introduction

History, Affiliations & Rankings

Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University is one of the youngest universities in Ukraine that got the status of a national university. It was established in 1996 in the city of Mykolayiv to provide the best education to the students in the field of science, art and commerce. Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University is considered the best medical institute in southern Ukraine to practise medicine and research-based courses. It has been approved by trusted organisations like WHO and MCI. The university has highly trained experts and teachers who encourage and help students to learn and innovate. 

Infrastructure, Campus & Courses

The university has a well-developed campus that includes 12 buildings to provide students with all the facilities within the campus. The central library has innumerable books in more than 25 languages. The library is attached to three reading rooms that are sufficient for 244 students at once. Well developed laboratories, teaching staff and updated libraries help researchers in their work. Black Sea National University has a rich campus life. Various activities take place on campus like sports, theatre and poetry. The University campus has playgrounds, gyms and halls where students can conduct these activities. The college offers numerous Bachelor’s and Master’s medical degree courses that have been recognised across the globe. The varsity takes on the educational techniques of the western world in order to aptly develop and groom the students.

Accomplishments & Alumni 

Black Sea National University is a good option for all those students who are willing to pursue medicine in Europe. It is among the best places to seek higher education in the southern part of the country. The varsity also offers scholarships to the meritorious students. The city in which Black Sea National University is located is well connected to other parts of Ukraine and provides ample opportunities to students after they complete their course. The result of the quality education of the institute makes the students highly successful medical professionals. The alumnus of the Black Sea National University are working in various fields including general practitioners, surgeons, clinical researchers etc and are contributing wholeheartedly to the medical world.

Student Diversity & Visiting Companies

Their degree is recognised in all parts of the world. The best reason to pursue medicine in Ukraine is low tuition fees and cost of living. There is no separate entrance or language exam for international students to study in Ukraine. The Black Sea National University not only welcomes the international students with open arms but also invites renowned international scholars to the campus in order to maintain international standards and promote diversity. The university conducts student exchange programmes across countries like Poland, Finland, Germany and summer programmes held in the UK, USA and other European countries. It not only provides exposure to the students but also helps them in promoting diversity.

Campus Location

Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University

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