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History, Affiliations & Rankings

Uzhhorod National University was founded on October 18, 1945, and the first students took their desk seats on February 1, 1946. Uzhhorod National University is officially accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Initially, the education process in Uzhhorod National University was mostly conducted by scientists and specialists from other established higher education institutions because of the lack of efficient staff for the university teaching. At present, the university is considered as one of the best medical institutions in Ukraine. It offers certificates, associate or foundation degrees, diplomas, bachelor degrees, masters degrees and doctorate degrees at four faculties namely biological, historical, philological and medical. 

Infrastructure, Campus & Courses

The Uzhhorod National University is a public non- profit higher education institution located in the urban surroundings of the Uzhhorod. The campus of the university is equipped with a modern library and the state of art laboratories that provide the students with an engaging and advanced study environment. The Uzhhorod National University is equipped with the student leisure centre “Uventus”, world-class hostels, the alpine skiing base “Plishka”, Botanical Gardens, the Alpine (high-mountain) biological base “Kolochava”, museums, the social-psychological service and a dental clinic among many other facilities. Faculty of Medicine of the varsity is also bestowed with a student research society. In the last five years, almost 300 scientific articles have been published by the students through this research society.  The courses designed at Uzhhorod National University cater to the needs of the students and prepare them for the medical world.

Accomplishments & Alumni 

The Uzhhorod National University is recognised by prestigious bodies like the FMGE, MCI WHO and UNESCO. The students of The Uzhhorod National University are known worldwide for practical brilliance and deep academic knowledge. A student gets the opportunity to work with excellent medical professionals and inculcate skills from them. The alumnus of Uzhhorod National University is placed at some of the leading medical centres of Ukraine and the other parts of the European continents. The university focuses on nurturing the students in the medico friendly environment so that they become a pioneer in medical science.

Student Diversity & Visiting Companies

The nurturing and engaging environment of the Uzhhorod National University attracts students from diverse cultural backgrounds. The university conducts international and national cultural programmes for the students in order to recognise the beauty in diversity. It also provides English as the medium of studies for international students. Faculty of Medicine at Uzhhorod National University comprises international faculty hailing from countries such as Hungary, USA, France, Russia, Netherlands, Japan and Austria. On the other hand, students in the department are allowed to pursue practical training and internships in the USA, Slovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia and Greece.

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Uzhhorod National University

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