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Arizona State University (West Campus), USA Introduction

History, Affiliations & Rankings

Established in 1984 by the Arizona Legislature, Arizona State University west campus is part of the five campuses of Arizona State University.  Arizona State University is considered as a single institution. All the campuses share students, faculty, administration, and accreditation. According to the U.S News & World Report 2020 ASU is tied at 53rd among public Universities, 117th among National Universities, and 1st for most innovative Universities in the US. It follows Public Co-ed type of schooling and it does not have any religious affiliations. The Universities Research Association (URA) has accredited ASU West.

Infrastructure, Campus & Courses

In terms of facility space, ASU west campus has the smallest area among different campuses. The campus has five academic buildings arranged around a quad, its second quad is surrounded by a recreational center, dining hall, and residences for students and other associates. Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Programs in Liberal Arts & Science, Education, and Business are offered in ASU west campus leading to Bachelor’s, Masters, and Doctoral Degrees. The most popular majors at ASU West Campus are Computer Science, Engineering, Business, Management, and so on.

Accomplishments & Alumni 

The university representatives have demonstrated how living cells can be induced to carry out computation using circuits composed of RNA’s. In 2017-18, the world's first plant-based Zika vaccine was created. In sports, Arizona State University--West is part of the NCAA I. Notable Alumni of ASU include Jimmy Kimmel (American T.V host), Kate Spade (American Fashion Designer), Pat Tillman (American Football Player), Doug Ducey (Governor of Arizona).

Student Diversity & Visiting Companies

Out of approximately 75000 students enrolling in 2019 in ASU,  5000 have joined ASU West. International Student Engagement supports the students coming from 135 countries around the world in all the ASU campuses with personal and professional development opportunities. The university is quite diverse as each year it welcomes a huge number of students from all around the world. Companies that constantly visit ASU to hire students include PetSmart, Banner Health, Circle K, Apollo Education Group to name a few

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Arizona State University (West Campus)

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Admissions open for 2020

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