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yards to ft (yards to feet) converter

1 yd is equal to 3 ft

Convert Yard to Feet/Foot


3 ft

Yards to Feet. Isn't this sound mind boggling? Absolutely yes! The conversion seems onerous to compute but in reality it’s the simplest task to perform. For being proficient, one can take the help of a yards to feet calculator which not only saves your time but also makes your tasks easier. 
This calculator makes use of real time conversion techniques and provides results in split-second. Though the technique is automated, it operates on traditional methods of conversion. 
Before delving into technical jargons or methodologies used in the calculator, let's have a quick understanding about some basic concepts like steps involved in operating a yards to feet calculator, definition of yard and feet, formula used for conversion, examples and some frequently asked questions.

How to use a yards to feet calculator? 

Cramming up mathematical formulas for yards to feet conversion is a strenuous task. However, CollegeDekho's yards to feet calculator comes to your rescue. To begin with, insert a value that you desire to change in the yards box. Then after pressing the convert icon, value entered in the yards box will be automatically calculated and displayed in the foot box. Frankly, it's a snap! 
Steps Involved:
Step 1: Insert the yards unit to convert. 
Step 2: Click on the “Convert” icon.
Step 3: Result of conversion of yards to feet will be displayed.

What is a yard (yd)? 

The yard is a unit used for measurement of length. It is not a standard unit for length and therefore not used globally. The word "yard" comes from the Old English word "gerd," "gyrd," etc., which was used for measuring sticks, staves, and branches. The symbol for the yard is "yd". As per US Customary System, 1 yard is equal to 3 feet. 
(For example, 15 yards = 45 feet) 

What are feet (ft)? 

The foot (plural feet) is a unit of length in the British Imperial and United States Customary system of measurements. 
Its standard symbol is "ft". However, in some instances, the foot is denoted by a prime (or an apostrophe). Example: 2 feet can be represented as 2' . 
Also, 1 foot is equal to 12 inches or .3048 metres or 1/3rd of a yard. 
(1 ft = 12in = .3048m = .3333yd) 

Formula to convert yards to feet 

We know that one yard is equal to 3 feet i,e., 1 yard = 3 feet.
This means that if you need to convert any unit of yard to feet, you will need to multiply that value of yard with 3 feet. Some examples to convert yard into feet are given below:

  • Example I. To convert 12 yards to feet, you will need to multiply 12 by 3.

Which means, 12 yd = 12*3 ft
Therefore, 12 yd = 36 ft.

  • Example II. To convert 50 yards to feet, you will need to multiply 50 by 3.

Which means, 50 yd = 50*3 ft
Therefore, 50 yd = 150 ft

  • Example III. To convert 75 yards to feet, you will need to multiply 75 by 3.

Which means, 75 yd = 75*3 ft
Therefore, 75 yd = 225 ft 

FAQs for Yards to Feet Conversion

1. How many feet in one yard?
Answer: One yard is equal to 3 feet.
2. How many yards in one feet?
Answer: One foot is equal to 1/3rd of a yard.
3. Is foot or feet the same?
Answer: When numbers are multiple, feet is used and when it’s a single-digit, the word foot is used.
4. Describe some of the applications of yards?
Answer: In American, Canadian, and association football, cricket pitch measures, and in certain nations, golf fairway measurements, the yard is used as the standard unit of field-length measurement.
5. Describe some of the applications of feet?
Answer: Today, feet rather than metres are still used to describe all ISO-standard containers.
Daily global aviation and air traffic continue to be regulated at flight altitudes separated by thousands of feet.     


Yard to Feet/Foot Conversion Table

Yard ( yd )

Feet/Foot ( ft )

yards to ft (yards to feet) converter

0.01 yd

0.030 ft

0.01 yd is equal to 0.030 ft

0.1 yd

0.300 ft

0.1 yd is equal to 0.300 ft

1 yd

3 ft

1 yd is equal to 3 ft

2 yd

6 ft

2 yd is equal to 6 ft

3 yd

9 ft

3 yd is equal to 9 ft

4 yd

12 ft

4 yd is equal to 12 ft

5 yd

15 ft

5 yd is equal to 15 ft

6 yd

18 ft

6 yd is equal to 18 ft

7 yd

21 ft

7 yd is equal to 21 ft

8 yd

24 ft

8 yd is equal to 24 ft

9 yd

27 ft

9 yd is equal to 27 ft

10 yd

30 ft

10 yd is equal to 30 ft

20 yd

60 ft

20 yd is equal to 60 ft

30 yd

90 ft

30 yd is equal to 90 ft

40 yd

120 ft

40 yd is equal to 120 ft

50 yd

150 ft

50 yd is equal to 150 ft

60 yd

180 ft

60 yd is equal to 180 ft

70 yd

210 ft

70 yd is equal to 210 ft

80 yd

240 ft

80 yd is equal to 240 ft

90 yd

270 ft

90 yd is equal to 270 ft

100 yd

300 ft

100 yd is equal to 300 ft