Bachelor of Library Science

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Mar 13, 2023 19:31PM IST

About Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib)

Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib) is a one-year degree which is awarded to the students who excel in the Library Science. The main aim of B.Lib is to train aspirants with the essential skills required for the respective field. As these days the demand for the experts in this field is growing day by day.

There is a dearth of people who have expertise and knowledge about library documents, management, journal procurement and books. Aspirants who have worked in libraries before and enjoy both reading and maintaining books should opt for slower jobs like these.

The course is also opted by a lot of book lovers who want to grow in their career with a professional course like this. A candidate who wishes to pursue this course must have good organizational and reference skills, methodical approach and ability to understand customers.

To be eligible for the Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib) courses, candidates need to have graduation degree with a minimum percentage as required. Candidates of the reserved category must have minimum of 45% marks in the previous qualifying examination to be eligible for the Bachelor of Library Science programme. Candidates must be sure about the eligibility criteria before applying for the course. After pursuing the Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib) programme, candidates will be able to work as Librarian, Library Information Officer etc. 

Bachelor of Library Science - Course Highlights

Level of Programme


Duration of Programme

1 Year

Eligibility Criteria

Any bachelor’s degree holder from any recognised University with a minimum overall aggregate of 50% or more in the bachelor’s degree exam are eligible

Admission Process

Merit-based admission process

Top Institutions

Average Course Fee

INR 10,000/- to INR 40,000/- 

Usual Job Profiles

Indexer, Library Specialist, Librarian, Assistant Director, Library Information Officer etc

Bachelor of Library Science Advantages

B. Lib offers plenty of benefits to the candidates who pursue this course out of a passion for reading. Some of the advantages are listed below:

  • A candidate can learn about the philosophy of library science and how it influences the society
  • Learning about laws and basic principles is also offered through the Bachelor of Library Science course
  • Candidates are given knowledge on management and maintenance of books and other materials like journals, newspapers, etc
  • After pursuing this course one can explore some interesting job profiles
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Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib) Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor of Library Science programme requires certain eligibility criteria to meet by the candidates. Graduation with a minimum percentage of marks is the basic eligibility norm that most of colleges ask to meet. However, the criteria may vary from college to college. Listed below are some of the eligibility criteria that an aspirant should possess for B.Lib.Sc admission. 

Candidates need to have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent from a recognized university

A minimum of 50% is required to be eligible for the B.Lib.Sc admission

The reserved category candidates get relaxation in the minimum marks

Bachelor of Library Science Skillset Required

Bachelor of Library Science job requires some skills in the candidate which help them to maintain the jobs with expertise. The following skills add additional benefits to the career of B.Lib. :

Communication Skills

Problem Solving Skills


Research Skills

Supervision Skills

Observational Skills

Organizational Skills

Creating a healthy working ambiance

Administrative Decision-Making Skills


Bachelor of Library Science Admission Process

Bachelor of Library Science admission process is a merit-based admission process in which the institutes prepare a merit list by considering the qualifying exam marks submitted by the applicants. Based on the merit list, the institutes contact the individuals and take them through the rest of the admission process until the allocation of seats.

How to apply for the Bachelor of Library Science?

However, candidates of B.Lib need to undergo a certain application process to apply for the programme. Once, the candidates shortlist the college where they would like to pursue the course must check the application process that a particular institute follows for admission. Steps below are the general guidelines one may learn about regarding the application process:

Step 1: Visit the website of the college. ‘

Step 2: Read the application instruction very carefully.

Step 3: Perform the registration process by providing the required details like name, contact no., address, valid email id, etc.

Step 4: Log in to the account by using the login credentials.

Step 5: Fill up the application form for the Bachelor of Library Science course.

Step 6: Review and rectify the details if needed

Step 7: Upload the scanned photograph, signature, and other documents according to the size and format specifications.

Step 8: Pay the application fees and submit the form.

Step 9: Take a printout of the application form and receipt for future reference.

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Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib) Syllabus

The Bachelor of Library Science course comprises two semesters. And in these two semesters colleges conduct both theoretical and practical classes to offer knowledge on the management of different library resources. Some colleges/institutes arrange internship programmes at the end semester too. In the following table, candidates can find out the subjects that are covered in the B.Lib.Sc syllabus.

Popular Subjects:

Library & Society

Information Science

Digital Libraries

History of Library


Classification of Books

Modern Library Services

Emerging Issues in Library System

Library Legislation

Types of Libraries- Professional Associations & Organizations

Library and Information Profession

Information and Communication

B.Lib and B.Lib.I. Sc Course Comparison

Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib) and Bachelor of Library and Information Science (B.Lib.I.Sc) are two popular courses in the domain of Library Science. Candidates often get confused between these two courses. In this section, we will make a brief comparison between these courses:


Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib)

Bachelor of Library and Information Science ((B.LI.Sc)


Bachelor of Library Science focuses on the basic principles of library science, and skills needed in the field and teaches the students how to maintain the books

Bachelor of Library and Information Science deals with library management and preservation of books, journals, and maintenance of the library.

Course Duration

1 year

1 year

Admission Criteria


Direct admission and Entrance Test


A Bachelor’s Degree with a minimum of 50% or above in the aggregate.

Bachelor’s degree from a recognized University

Minimum 50%-55% marks in their graduation.

Average Fees

INR 20,000- INR 200,00

INR 10,000- INR 50,000

Job Roles

Librarian, Library Information Officer, Library Specialist

Law Librarian, Deputy Librarian, Library Assistant

Average Salary


INR 1.2 LPA- 1.6LPA

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Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib) Career Options and Job Prospects

B.Lib program provides aspirants with unlimited career opportunities. People who are book lovers can take up this career as they will always be surrounded by books and like-minded people. After completing B.Lib course candidates can pursue masters in library science and information. Following are some of the popular job roles for after completing B.Lib

  • Librarian

  • Information Analyst

  • Documentation Officer

  • Library Officer

  • Library & Information Officer

  • Cataloguer

  • Deputy Librarian

  • Senior Information Analyst

  • Library Attendant

The annual salary of a fresher is between Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 6 lakh. The salary package varies with professional experience and expertise. Librarian is a growing field, good career opportunities are just not available in government and private universities but in various companies and organizations as well.

Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib) Salary Packages

After the completion of the Bachelor of Library Science course, one can start their career with an average salary of INR 15,000 per month. The starting salary for a fresher depends on the college/university from where they pursued the B.Lib and the organization they join. However, with time and experience, the salary gets increased.


Job Role

Average Salary (Approx)


A Librarian manages the library resources. Managing books, magazines, journals, and electronic databases are a key responsibility of a librarian.

Rs. 19,081 per month

Information Analyst

An Information Analyst manages data using various software, review the accuracy of the data, and prepares reports based on that

Rs. 24,166 per month

Documentation Officer

The role of a documentation officer is to manage documents either online or offline

Rs. 20,833 per month

Library and Information Officer

The key responsibility of a Library and Information Officer is to manage information. By doing so they support the customers to easily access the books and other library materials



Cataloging and organizing library materials are the jobs a Cataloguer performs every day

Rs. 25,000 per month

Deputy Librarian

Supervising the library staff and members to ensure that they properly manage the library activities is the responsibility a Deputy Librarian.

Rs. 44,166 per month

Library Attendant

A Library Attendant makes a record of the entries for books taken, returned, and added.

Rs. 15,000 per month

Bachelor of Library Science Future Scope

With a Bachelor of Library Science programme, one can make a bright career. As the field is less competitive in comparison to the other courses, a candidate with good marks in B.Lib.Sc gets good placement opportunities.  If want to pursue higher studies, candidates can enroll in Master in Library Science course.  Apart from that, B.Lib graduates can join the post of Librarian in any govt educational institute. NGOs and private libraries also have jobs for them

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FAQs about B.Li.Sc

What are the subjects taught in the Bachelor of Library Science course?

Library & Society, Information Science, Digital Libraries, Classification of Books, Information and Communication, Modern Library Services are some of the topics that are covered in the Bachelor of Library Science course.

What is the core objective or aim of Library Sciences course?

B.Lib is a course designed for candidates who want to have good organizational and reference skills. They learn the methodical approach and also gain abilities to understand customers.

What is the eligibility criteria for admission in Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib) course?

Candidates must hold a bachelor's degree in any stream for admission in B.Lib course. The minimum marks for the qualifying exam should be 50%.

What is the procedure for admission in the B.Lib course?

Admission in B. Lib courses are considered on a merit basis. The universities/ colleges prepare a merit list after all the applications are received by the college.

What are the job roles available for candidates with a B.Lib degree?

A candidate with a B.Lib degree can pursue a career as a Librarian, Library Officer, Cataloguer, Information Analyst etc.

What is the salary of a candidate with a B.Lib degree?

The annual salary of a candidate with a B.Lib degree is 2.00 Lakhs to Rs 6.00 Lakhs per Annum.

What are the top colleges that offer Bachelor's in Library Sciences course?

LNCT University (LNCTU), Bhopal, Apex College For Girls (ACG), Jaipur, HITS, Chennai, IEC University, Solan are some of the colleges in India that offers B.Lib course

What is the duration of the B.Lib course?

The duration of the B.Lib course is 1 year.

Does IGNOU offer a Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib) course?

Yes. Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib) course is offered at IGNOU.

Is distance learning education available in Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib) courses?

Guru Nanak Dev University, Punjabi University, Maharshi Dayanand University, Pandit Sundarlal Sharma Open University are some of the colleges that offers distance learning in Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib) course
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Dear student, given below is the link through which you will be able to locate the best B.Lib colleges in the state of Uttarakhand

Common Application Form of CollegeDekho

Through this application form, you will be able to find out as well as apply for admission in the B.Lib programme offered by various reputed institutions situated in the state of Uttarakhand. During the admission process, you will receive all kind of support from our counsellors till you are granted a seat in your desired college offering B.Lib course. For more details regarding the admission process or to resolve any admission-related queries, kindly call 18005729877 and talk to our counsellors. 


Abhik Das, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Dec-15-2020

Dear student, there are several distance universities or institutions which offer admission to the B.Lib programme like IGNOU, NMIMS, KL University etc. Although B.Lib is a very popular UG programme yet only a handful of reputed open universities offer admission in this programme. Here is the link - CollegeDekho’s Common Application Form through which you will be able to locate all those institutions or Universities from where you can pursue your B.Lib studies. You can also apply for admission directly in one of these institutions through the same application form after checking the eligibility criteria. Also, you can talk to one of our academic counsellors regarding the same and they will help you out with everything regarding locating the universities/institutions and the admission process. Given below is our student toll-free helpline number to connect with our counsellors - 



Abhik Das, Student / Alumni

-Answered on Nov-25-2020

Dear student, usually the institutions offering admission into the Bachelor of Library Science or B.Lib programme demands the applicants should have completed their graduation in the 10+2+3 education format with an overall aggregate of 50%. With a qualifying degree exam aggregate of 41%, it might be a little tough for you to get admission in the B.Lib programme. However, there are two options which you can explore. First, you might want to find out those institutions where the B.Lib eligibility criteria are in your favour. For that, you can click on the link - CollegeDekho’s Common Application Form. Here, you will be able to find out those B.Lib colleges where you can apply for admission. You may also apply for admission through the same application form. If you find out a college with favourable eligibility criteria and apply for admission through our application form, you will receive all kind of support from our counselling team. Call us on our student toll-free helpline number - 18005729877 to know more.

Second, you might want to explore some open universities or correspondence institutes which offer B.Lib admission. Such institutions do not have rigid admission eligibility criteria. Click on the following link for the top open universities of India.