Reasons for Rejection of the UK Study Visa

By Neha Kumari Updated On - Mar 04, 2022 01:21 PM

Applying for a student visa in the UK is one of the most important steps that all international students need to complete. However, in this article we discuss the several reasons why your UK student visa applications can be rejected by visa officers, as well what you can do if your application is rejected.

Studying in the UK is a dream of many, not only because of the promise of receiving globally-renowned degrees, but also because of the career opportunities the country has to offer. Receiving the CAS number from any one of the top UK universities brings you one step closer to pursuing higher education from one of the top countries in the world. However, the next step is very crucial to realizing your dreams, that is, to apply for the appropriate UK Study Visa. The final confirmation of you studying in your dream country is made only after the approval of the UK Study Visa.

While you must be confident with your visa application to study in the UK, you must not take the entire process of visa filing lightly, even if you have all the required documents and you fulfil the eligibility criteria,. Even the slightest mistake in the application or documentation can lead to the rejection of a UK Study Visa.

Visa rejection is definitely an unpleasant experience but due to the importance of this document the a possibility of a study visa getting rejected due to various reasons. There are genuine reasons for the rejection of a study permit such as incomplete application, fake documents, insufficient funds, and so on. Hence, you need to be extremely careful while applying for a student visa for the UK. Know about the possible reasons behind your UK study visa rejection and learn what to do in such a case.

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Reasons for the Rejection of a UK Student Visa 

As stated above, there are several reasons why visa officers may reject your student visa applications to study in the UK. The possible scenarios in which the UK Study Visa might get rejected are discussed below.

Error in the Visa Application 

If you are applying for a study visa for the first time you may find the application complex with several questions, sections and segments that need to be completed. There are chances of making mistakes. In some instances, students have also provided wrong information in the application form which has been a major reason for rejection of UK student visa applications.

Incomplete/False Documents

When submitted the form, there are certain documents that need to be submitted with the UK student visa application form. Thus, before you go ahead with the UK study visa process make sure you have all the required documents handy. If the list of documents you submitted are incorrect or incomplete, the visa officers may allow you some time to present them with the completed document list. However, failing to do so will lead to rejection of your student visa application.

However, the biggest mistake you can make when submitting documents for UK student visa is to present fake documentation. In case you are found submitting fake documents, the UKVI has the authority to ban you from applying for a study visa for the next 5 to 10 years. They might also ban you from travelling to the UK.

Duplicate Copies of Documents

Adding to the point above, all students applying for the UK student visa are required to present the original documents of required documents. In case they are unable to submit the original documents, their UK study visa application may get rejected.

Not Meeting the Financial Stability Requirements

When you apply for a UK study visa, you need to prove that you have enough funds to manage your academic and living expenses in the UK. As per regulations, you need to show valid and authenticated bank statements of the last few months as well as a source of funds or scholarships, if any. Your UK study visa cannot be approved without proof of financial stability.

Not meeting the financial requirements is one of the top reasons why UK student visa have been rejected in the past. Hence, make sure you have enough funds in the bank account while applying for a UK study visa.

Past Criminal Record

You must not have any past criminal record while applying for a UK study Visa. In case, a record is found by the visa authorities, your visa may be rejected, depending on the severity of the criminal record.

Not Able to Answer Questions in UK Study Visa Interview

You must be confident while attending the UK Visa interview. Sometimes, out of nervousness candidates are unable to answer questions asked in the interview or they tend to give inappropriate answers, which can directly lead to being a reason why visa officers could reject their student visa applications to the UK.

However, the best way to combat this issue is to reach out to our study abroad counsellors who, through their experience, can help you face the interview questions with better confidence. You can select from our varied study abroad packages to start your study abroad journey with us NOW!  

Not Sure About the Intent of Studying in the UK 

One question that the UK Student Visa Interviewer would definitely ask you is your intent behind studying in the UK. You must be very sure about your desire to study in the UK and your career prospects. In case, the interviewer finds your intent of studying in Canada inappropriate or unsatisfactory, he/she may not approve your UK study visa application.

Inappropriate Behaviour

The UK study visa interview process is a crucial process. While attending the interview, it is important that you present yourself in the best possible manner, which includes your posture during the interview, the manner in which you answer questions as well as your professionalism. Any inappropriate or unsatisfactory behaviour during the interview can lead to the rejection of your UK study visa application. 

Language Difficulties

A crucial part of the any student visa interview is the applicant's ability to communicate in either the country's official language or the English language (the universally accepted language). In the case of the UK student visa, applicants need to provide proof of English language proficiency by providing score cards of popular English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic, Duolingo and more. However, since most universities in the UK need its international students to present proof of English Proficiency, you would have a score card in hand, which would be useful.

However, during the interview, the visa officer can test your ability to properly communicate in English, you will need to speak in English to buy daily items, access public transport, speak to peers and faculty and conduct day-to-day life, when studying in the UK. Therefore, train yourself and talk to people in English as much as possible, to ensure your proficiency in the language. Nevertheless, if you fail to do so, the visa officer may be inclined to reject your UK student visa application.

Academic Incompetency

The UK Visa issuing administrator can reject your UK Visa Application if he/she finds your academic qualifications to be insufficient according to the standards of UK academics. While it may be rare, however, the visa officer can choose to deny you your Student Visa if they find your academic report to be insufficient or unsatisfatory.

What to do if your UK Study Visa gets Rejected?

Broadly, there are two reasons why the UK Study Visa gets rejected. First is the genuine reason in which you are unable to show the basic requirements for the acceptance of a UK study Visa i.e., academic background, language skills and financial stability. Another reason could be the negligence from visa-issuing authorities. In this case, if you are confident about submitting all the documents and meeting all the visa requirements but still have your student visa be rejected, you can apply for an application review. 

However, it is important to not jump to this conclusion, i.e. negligence from the authorities, as this a rare circumstance. More importantly, all rejected applicants will receive a letter outlining the reasons as to why their student visa application was rejected in the first place. It is your duty to go through this letter and make the appropriate changes so that your next student visa application is approved.

However, if you are accused of the following reasons, there is nothing you will be able to do to rectify your mistakes.

  • False documents

  • Fake identity

  • Criminal records

  • Incorrect information

  • Inappropriate behaviour in the interview 

  • Funds fraud 

The above reasons not only lead to the rejection of a UK study visa but its outcome can be adverse. The UKVI can ban candidates from applying for visas for the next 5 to 10 years and they can also impose a ban on travel in case one of the above-mentioned factors are the reasons for the rejection of visa application.

However, there is a solution for those who do not fall under the categories mentioned above. If you are one of the students who finds the reasons behind their rejection to not be entirely true, they can apply for an administrative review.

Apply for Administrative Review (AR)

UKVI allows candidates to apply for Administrative Review in case their UK study visas are rejected and wish to get their application reconsidered. You can apply for AR only if all the following conditions apply:

  • You are outside of the UK

  • You applied for UK Visa outside the UK 

  • Your visa got rejected

  • You have the right to appeal for visa refusal

  • You did not apply for short term student or a visitor

How to Apply for UK Study Visa Administrative Review (AR)?

Once you receive the email for the rejection of your UK study visa, there is no need to panic all of a sudden. In almost all cases, a document will be attached with the email explaining the reasons for the rejection of your study visa application. You must go through the documents carefully to understand if the reason for the rejection of the UK study visa is valid or not. Often there is a possibility for the review of the study visa application.

Points to remember when applying for Administrative Review of a UKStudy Visa:

Once you decided to apply for an Administrative Review (AR) for a rejected student visa application, you must ensure the following:

  • Have strong reasons to apply for Administrative Review (AR)

  • Apply within 28 days of rejection

  • You can apply online on UKVI

  • Gather necessary proofs and documents

  • Further decisions are taken on the basis of errors pointed by you

The cost of applying for a UK Administrative Review (UK AR) is GBP 80. It can take up to 6 months to receive results of the AR. However. if the decision on the application is not received within 3 months, the Home Office will contact you for further updates.

Note: If the AR comes back in support of the visa officer's decision, you will not be able to apply for a second review.

Contact Your University

If you realize that it isn’t your fault but the UKVI processing that led to the rejection of the UK Study Visa, you can contact your university to give a new CAS number, in case the Administrative Review (AR) is not completed on time. If the university understands your situation and agrees, then you can re-apply for a study visa with a new CAS number. However, you will still have to bear the study visa fees and go through all the processes of visa filing.

UK Study Permit is only granted to students who meet all requirements to travel the country. Thus, students must be well prepared while applying for study visas and avoid making any mistakes while filling the application.

If you seek professional assistance to apply for the UK Study Permit, write to us at and quash your queries about studying abroad. You can also look at our varied study abroad packages if you wish to pursue higher education in the UK or anywhere else in the world. Additionally, mif you choose our test-prep services, you will be able to connect with highly trained and experienced faculty who have helped thousands of students prepare for different tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GMAT and GRE, among others.

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