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Students who aspire to study abroad and are clueless about how to start their journey can take the help of the best study abroad consultants who have years of expertise in finding out the perfect colleges for them and ensuring their admission to their dream universities.

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Whether you are applying for a Bachelor's or a Master's degree abroad, the first step is to contact the best study abroad consultant that can guarantee a high success rate. The study abroad consultants at CollegeDekho are always available to assist a wide range of study abroad aspirants like you in making better decisions and systematically planning their future. This article aims at inspiring and helping thousands of study abroad aspirants to fulfil their dreams and educate them about everything related to overseas education consultants.

Who are Overseas Education Consultants?

Before proceeding any further with this article, let us first explain to our readers who are overseas education consultants. As the name suggests, overseas education consultants or study abroad consultants or overseas education counsellors are industry experts and experienced counsellors with high domain knowledge and expertise in the study abroad education industry. They can provide study abroad aspirants like you with comprehensive information on courses, university/college shortlisting, and the application procedure from start to finish. In short, they help and guide you to fulfil your study abroad dream.

Why Do You Need Counsellors for Studying Abroad?

This is one question that must have arisen at least once in the minds of every study abroad aspirant. It is evident that the competition in every field is rising day by day. Given such a large number and with fierce competition, to defeat this competition, one must have extensive domain understanding as well as you have to be counselled well to be a good candidature.

In short, with the right assistance and guidance from your overseas education consultant or counsellor, you can be successfully enrolled in a foreign university of your dreams and study the right programme of your choice. This has been made possible by the services given by the professional counsellors and editors working with us at CollegeDekho, who begin by knowing your ambition and then use their knowledge to help you discover it.

Looking for Reliable Study Abroad Agents?

Perks and Benefits of Study Abroad Consultants

Let us walk you through the amazing services one by one that the counsellors for studying abroad provide and offer at CollegeDekho: 

  • Profile Evaluation: We employ highly qualified and experienced study abroad consultants that thoroughly assess your profile and understand your needs. They also recommend numerous strategies to boost your profile. They believe that every one of you is unique, thus as an excellent study abroad adviser, they tailor everything to your interests and ambitions. The goal should be to help you get into your dream university with the least amount of trouble.

  • Free Counselling by Experts: Our trained academic experts and abroad education counsellors will provide one-on-one counselling to assist you in picking the best course and career choices based on your interests, educational background, potential, and abilities, making your admission process a breeze.

  • Ivy-League Graduate Mentors: We have Ivy League mentors and experts who know exactly what is best for you. They would not only help you establish your profile and pick universities, but they would also prepare you for interviews and assess your application, increasing your chances of being accepted to an Ivy League university abroad.

  • University Shortlisting: The overseas education consultants also assist you in finalising a list of renowned colleges that provide the specific course you wish to pursue. Shortlisting might be done based on your background or anticipated career path. They will also advise you if you are unsure about the course to choose.

  • CollegeDekho Finder: You may browse through authentic and up-to-date information about courses, careers, schools, and tests across a number of streams on our platform with the help of the CollegeDekho Finder along with proper guidance of study abroad consultants to make informed and correct decisions.

  • Common Application Form (CAF): Our study abroad consultants will assist you in using our one-of-a-kind platform, which allows students to apply to several universities with a single click, track their application status online, and receive admission confirmation via email.

  • Financial Documents: The overseas education consultants will also assist you in preparing your financial paperwork by providing sample documents for your review which also includes your past This contains academic transcripts and grade reports too. Hard copies of these documents must be delivered to colleges for their use and decision during the application process. 

  • Editing Services: Lack of time to write an SOP or find referees for LORs, a weak introduction or conclusion, using informal language, or exceeding the word limit are all common reasons for university application rejection. Having the best counsellor for study abroad on board will assist you in writing and delivering professional SOPs, LORs, and CVs that are devoid of errors or plagiarism, based on flawless writing trends, and of the highest quality.

  • Interviews: Your study abroad counsellors will also assist you in preparing for university interviews if you are applying to business schools or MBA programs. They can also organise a student and university conference for you to create rapport with the colleges in order to boost your chances of being accepted.

  • Test Prep and Coaching: Depending on the country or course you are applying for, universities abroad have different cutoffs for various examinations such as the GMAT, GRE, SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, or any other applicable test. Our study abroad counsellors and experienced faculty will also assist you in passing these exams on the first attempt. Get a customizable study plan that is tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

  • Visa Assistance and Counselling: The best counsellor for study abroad will always assist you in applying for a visa, which varies from country to country. They will also help you prepare for your visa interviews, which are frequently the decisive factor in visa approvals. They will make sure that you get a visa, from tips and techniques to performing mock interviews.

  • Loans Tie-Ups and Financial Support: Your study abroad consultants will guide you throughout the admission process, from calculating your budget to selecting a university that suits your budget, identifying and applying for a relevant course, and informing you of available fellowships, grants and study abroad loans.

  • Scholarship Assistance: Study abroad consultants are more aware of the numerous types of scholarships offered by external organisations and inside the universities to which you apply, it is easier to apply for multiple scholarships. Furthermore, they may assist you in understanding the selection requirements of each award as well as in writing your scholarship essays.

  • Travel Tie-Ups: Some of the overseas education consultants also have contacts with travel agencies that may assist you with booking air tickets and foreign currency exchange.

  • University and Student Conferences/Fairs/Meetups: These one to one meets ups with university representatives to help students in building a personal and professional rapport with the university to which they are applying.

Free vs Paid Study Abroad Consultants

Now that you are aware of the perks that you can get with the help of overseas education consultants, let us highlight the difference between free vs paid study abroad counselling. To discuss this let us understand the advantages and disadvantages of free vs paid study abroad consultants. 

Advantages of Free Consultants

  • With free counselling for foreign education, your chances of acceptance are constantly better. Admission is virtually always guaranteed in the majority of circumstances.

  • As free consultants have partnered with universities, admits can arrive sooner, so you do not have to wait as long.

  • Although they offer free application services, they do not serve a large number of students, thus consultants must follow up with clients on a frequent basis.

  • When applying through free consultants, your application is preferred if you apply to colleges that have a tie-up with the consultants.

  • Students who apply through free study abroad consultants can receive application cost waivers if they apply to colleges that have a tie-up with the consultants.

Disadvantages of Free Consultants

  • Due to the lack of top-ranked universities, students must apply to universities that are relatively ordinary or, in some cases, below average.

  • Free consultants generally only provide a restricted number of universities, students apply to a certain set of universities.

  • Profile-based university shortlisting may not be very accurate or appropriate.

Advantages of Paid Consultants

  • Although admission is not guaranteed, you will have the opportunity to apply to a plethora of different universities in different countries.

  • Services such as essay writing, SOP writing, LOR, resumes and CVs, and so on are taken very seriously and in accordance with the university's requirements. This gives your application a competitive advantage.

  • Students with a good profile should use paid consultants because a profile is important when applying through paid consultants.

  • You can seek expert guidance and advice on which course to opt for as per your interests and future goals. 

Disadvantages of Paid Consultants

Owing to the large number of students they serve, paid study abroad consultants are unable to maintain frequent contact with them. As the number of applicants increases, paid consultants have less time to contact students individually, and hence are unable to devote adequate time to each student.

After considering all of these pointers, it is apparent that whether free or paid, you will receive professional help from consultants, which will be beneficial when applying to various colleges abroad. 

Can You Apply to Study Abroad on Your Own?

You certainly can! Everything is now available on the internet, and any study abroad aspirant like you can apply to universities on their own. At the same time, students must also realise that their efforts pay off in just a small percentage of cases. A majority of students are disappointed since the application process of applying to foreign universities is certainly lengthy and requires a great deal of attention. 

It necessitates extensive research on the study abroad domain, universities, courses and many other factors. Applications submitted for the first time are frequently denied, making it extremely difficult for individuals who cannot tolerate rejections to continue. Moreover, time and money spent on applications that are denied are completely squandered and cannot be recovered.

Hence, to save yourself from endless disappointment, you can always take help from study abroad experts and counsellors who have high domain knowledge. This is where our CollegeDekho experts step in and help you in every step, ranging from university shortlisting to visa filling and finally flying abroad.

The overseas education consultants can guide you in every stage of your study abroad application process, from profile evaluation to confidently cracking those challenging interviews and navigating the time-consuming visa applications and loan approvals. The admirable work they put in to show your profile strongly helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. They assist you in improving your shortcomings and overcoming any barriers you may encounter while applying on your own.

As we can see, seeking professional guidance would be beneficial in practically every step of the application process. There are highly experienced and excellent overseas education counsellors in every corner of India, so choose your study abroad consultant wisely.

Looking for a study abroad agent in your area? Check out the best options available to you nearby:

So what are you planning next? Reach out to our highly qualified and experienced study abroad consultants at and kickstart your study abroad application right now!

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