• 135 Sessions

  • 200 Hours of rigorous coaching in 3 months' time

  • Practical exposure of theoretical concepts

About Course

Needless to mention without financial markets economic activity such as commerce & trade, investment, and growth opportunities would be greatly diminished. Financial markets are made by buying and selling numerous types of financial instruments including equities, bonds, currencies, and derivatives. Our course helps students to be financial planners and wealth Managers.

5 Topics will be covered in 200 Hours

  • Financial Instruments - 42 Hour(s)

  • Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management - 40 Hour(s)

  • Introduction to Financial planning - 30 Hour(s)

  • Selling Financial Products - 32 Hour(s)

  • Financial Technical Analysis - 56 Hour(s)

Inside the Program

₹2999/- Month 

Excluding taxes

  • Access to Course contents
  • Course customization option
  • Flexible hours to learn
  • 6 months Guaranteed Internship
  • Guaranteed Interview Opportunities for Placements
  • Live Interactions with Industry Experts
  • Certifications included
  • Unlimited Assignments
  • 100+ PDF Notes
  • Course Duration 200 Hours
  • Students Eligible for Enrollment

    12th Pass with a minimum of 50% 

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