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A book on the success of Anand Kumar’s IIT-JEE tutorial programme; 'Super 30'

January 21, 2016 01:09 PM 2 minute read , Others

A book on the success of Anand Kumar’s IIT-JEE tutorial programme; 'Super 30'

Soon, we will be able to find a book based on the success story of 'Super 30', a tutorial programme by Anand Kumar which prepares 30 students from economically backward sections for prestigious IIT-JEE every year.

Dr Biju Mathew, a Canada-based doctor and psychiatrist of Indian origin has decided to put Anand Kumar’s deeds in pages and write an inspirational and motivational book on the same.

Penguin Books and Random House are going to be the official publishers of the book. The book has about 250 pages divided into six-seven chapters and will be out in the market in two- three months.

"I have decided to write a book on 'Super 30' being run under the banner of 'Ramanujan School of Mathematics' after watching Kumar's dedication and craving for helping students belonging to backward sections." said Mathew.

"The way he has dedicated himself to the cause for the past 14 years, is not a small thing. Normally, after attaining name, fame, and money, people switch over to the luxuries of life. But to remain committed to the goal for such a long period is remarkable and unthinkable," he said.

When asked why he chose Mathew, a psychiatrist over any conventional author to write a book on 'Super 30', Kumar said, "Because I felt that he has experience in writing story. He has written a lot of stories of people with mental problems and has in-depth knowledge.

'Super 30' is a highly ambitious and innovative educational program running under the banner of 'Ramanujan School of Mathematics'.It hunts for 30 talented students from among the economically backward sections of the society and coaches them for the Joint Entrance Examination for admission in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Till now the programme is a huge success and growing stronger.

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A book on the success of Anand Kumar’s IIT-JEE tutorial programme; 'Super 30' | CollegeDekho