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Want to Secure Your Future with an Awesome Degree?

Build your career with industry-backed skills and a degree that nurtures your talent and grooms you for success.

Don't Just Graduate, DOMINATE!


Why should you choose CollegeDekho Assured Degrees?

At Collegedekho Assured, we believe in crafting an educational experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Here's how enrolling with us transforms your journey into a Degree of Awesomeness.


Get a SUPER SPECIALIZED DEGREE, not just any degree.

Explore a diverse range of courses tailored for you. From tech to humanities, we've got the perfect course to fuel your passion and make your academic journey absolutely awesome
  • Design
  • Technology
  • Management
  • Humanities

Handpicked Universities For Your SUPER SPECIALIZATION

Trusted by top colleges! Collegedekho Assured collaborates with prestigious institutions to ensure a world-class education. Check out our partner colleges leading the way in delivering an education that goes beyond ordinary - it's a Degree of Awesomeness!

Get Placed in 500+ Companies

Our recruitment partners include top brands from across the world offering roles of the future to our students.


Unlock your future in simple steps! From choosing the right course to securing industry-led certifications, we guide you through the journey of turning your aspirations into achievements, making your college experience truly a Degree of Awesomeness.
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    STEP 1: Explore & Choose

    Explore degree programs that excite you, aligning with your interests and career aspirations
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    STEP 2: Check Requirements

    Ensure you're on track by reviewing eligibility criteria. Meet academic prerequisites and any standardized tests
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    STEP3: Apply Online

    Complete the user-friendly online application & Hit "Submit"
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    STEP 4: Financial Game Plan

    Explore scholarships, understand fees, and plan finances. Apply for aid or loans if needed
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    STEP 5: Confirm & Prep

    Secure your spot! Confirm enrollment by paying fees. Follow orientation guidelines, gearing up for an awesome educational experience
Your Awesome Degree Awaits!
ARE YOUawesome?

you are awesome if you have...

  • Have done a degree with super specialization and not just a regular degree.
  • Have studied at handpicked top universities with higher Return on Investment.
  • Been mentored by 15+ Corporate coaches and not just your professors.
  • Have hands on learning experience that prepares you for the corporate world.
  • Connected with more than 300+ Professionals over the course of your degree.
  • Have done 10+ live projects and not just academic learning.
  • Built a strong portfolio, not just a resume.

The Life Of Awesomeness Awaits


Testimonials from
our students

Real Stories, Real Success! Hear from our students, faculty, and industry coaches about their transformative experiences with Collegedekho Assured. Join the community of achievers who have turned their education into a Degree of Awesomeness.


Our Industry Coaches


What are the benefits of CollegeDekho Assured?
Benefits of CollegeDekho Assured are multifold: a> CollegeDekho Assured follows an industry led dynamic curriculum, meaning the highly competitive curriculum has been designed by industry leaders keeping in mind the current requirement in the market today. b> Secondly, CollegeDekho Assured follows a 3Teacher model, which means that besides the faculty, even corporate coaches and mentors from the industry are an essential part of each course/ curriculum.
What courses are available as part of CollegeDekho Assured?

The following courses are available as part of the CollegeDekho Assured:

  • B.Des
  • M.Des
Technology & Science:
  • B.Tech
  • BCA
  • B.Sc
  • MCA
  • BBA
  • MBA
  • PGDM
  • B.Voc
  • B.Com
Which college will I study in, if I choose to pursue the CollegeDekho Assured course?
CollegeDekho has partnered with a host of world-class institutions to ensure quality education. Some of the top colleges that will facilitate CollegeDekho Assured courses include: DIT University Dehradun, Sushant University Gurgaon, Jagannath University New Delhi, Dev Bhoomi Uttarakhand University, Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal etc.
What is the process to opt for and pursue a CollegeDekho Assured course?

Pursing CollegeDekho Assured course is a simple process:

  • Explore the course offerings and choose a course that befits you
  • Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria
  • Apply online
  • Understand the fee structure, apply for scholarships/ loans, as required
  • Confirm and book your seat
What is so 'awesome' about the CollegeDekho Assured Plan?
We are calling it Awesome Career in the making, because of the degree + mentorship + Real projects
What are the USP's of CollegeDekho Assured?

USP's of CollegeDekho Assured include:

  • Degrees that make you awesome.
  • An industry led dynamic curriculum
  • Unique 3Teacher model - Faculty, Corporate Coach and Mentor from the industry.
  • Hands on pedagogy with emphasis on practical learning
  • 1250+ Corporate Coaches.
  • 500+ Corporate Tie-ups for internships and placements
  • 60+ Tie-ups with Top Universities
  • 250+ Companies providing Live Projects. 9.#1 Industry Led Certifications
When is the best time to opt for CollegeDekho Assured courses?
We recommend students to opt for CollegeDekho Assured courses around the same time that they take admission in the college for their regular courses.
What is the fee for CollegeDekho Assured courses?
The fee for CollegeDekho Assured courses vary from degree to degree. On an average, the fee will range between INR 50,000 and INR 4 Lakh. To know in detail, students can call on the helpline number to get details.