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What is CollegeDekho Career Compass Test?

Introducing our CollegeDekho Career Compass test, designed to provide you with valuable insights into your personality traits and abilities. This comprehensive assessment tool measures various aspects of your cognitive, emotional, and behavioral characteristics, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how you interact with the world around you.

With our CollegeDekho Career Compass test, you'll be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses, which can help you make informed decisions about your career, relationships, and personal growth. Whether you're looking to improve your communication skills, enhance your leadership abilities, or simply better understand yourself, our test can provide you with the guidance you need.

Our test is easy to use and takes just a few minutes to complete. You'll receive a detailed report with personalized feedback, which can help you identify areas for improvement and set achievable goals. With our CollegeDekho Career Compass test, you'll be able to take control of your personal and professional development and unlock your full potential. Try it today and see the difference it can make in your life.

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How does it work?

Discover your strengths with our CollegeDekho Career Compass Assessment Test

  • CollegeDekho Career Compass assessment basis RIASEC property.
  • Get in-depth career reports with personalized development plans.
  • Get your best-fit career recommendations based on various evaluation parameters

Create a Career Roadmap

  • Compare and select a few colleges from among thousands of options for your primary and backup vocations.
  • Get real-time notifications and information regarding college entrance exams and scholarship
  • With help from our career advisers, create a thorough road map to your ideal job.

Personalized Counselling with our Certified Career Counselor

  • With the help of professionals, plan your career, stream/subject combinations, course, college, and more.
  • About 1 million+ student have received mentoring from each of our career coaches, who are all internationally certified career coaches.
  • Personalized career counselling and all-around support for all your questions will help you make the best decision.

Get access to our Digital Career Library & other valuable resources

  • Get access to our Digital Career Library & other valuable resources
  • Career-related trends, inspiration, and advice are covered in expert- written articles, webinars, and video blogs.
  • Resume building, schedules for entrance exams, career e-guides, and regular updates.

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