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CAT 2023 Daily Practice Questions for 26 September

Chinmayai Ajay Bobade
Chinmayai Ajay BobadeUpdated On: September 26, 2023 04:30 pm IST
Refer to CAT 2023 Daily Practice Questions for 26 September available here to evaluate the preparations for the upcoming exam. Today's questions are from the Quantitative Aptitude section. 
CAT 2023 Daily Practice Questions for 26 SeptemberCAT 2023 Daily Practice Questions for 26 September

CAT 2023 Practice Questions: The candidates who have registered for CAT 2023 examination must now gear up their preparations as only a handful of time is now left to cover the vast syllabus of CAT 2023. In order to aid the preparation, especially for dynamic sections like QA, VARC, or LRDI, daily practice is the most essential factor. For today, September 26, daily CAT 2023 practice questions for QA section are given here.

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CAT 2023 Daily Practice Questions for 26 September

Here are the questions as practice for candidates preparing for CAT 2023 for 26 September 2023 as a reference : 

Question 1: Suppose k is any integer such that the equation 2x2+kx+5=0 has no real roots and the equation x2+(k−5)x+1=0 has two distinct real roots for x. Then, the number of possible values of k is:
1. 7
2. 8
3. 9
4. 13

Question 2: A glass contains 500 cc of milk and a cup contains 500 cc of water. From the glass, 150 cc of milk is transferred to the cup and mixed thoroughly. Next, 150 cc of this mixture is transferred from the cup to the glass. Now, the amount of water in the glass and the amount of milk in the cup are in the ratio
1. 3 : 10
2. 10 : 3
3. 1 : 1
4. 10 : 13

Question 3: The arithmetic mean of all the distinct numbers that can be obtained by rearranging the digits in 1421, including itself, is
1. 2442
2. 2222
3. 3333
4. 2592

Question 4: Nitu has an initial capital of Rs 20,000/-. Out of this, she invests Rs 8,000/- at 5.5% in bank A, Rs 5,000/- at 5.6% in bank B and the remaining amount at x% in bank C, each rate being simple interest per annum. Her combined annual interest income from these investments is equal to 5% of the initial capital. If she had invested her entire initial capital in bank C alone, then her annual interest income would have been:
1. Rs 900/-
2. Rs 700/-
3. Rs 1000/-
4. Rs 800/-

Question 5: If c=16x/y+49y/x for some non-zero real numbers x and y, then c cannot have which value?
1. - 70
2. 60
3. - 50
4. - 60

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