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Patna University Organised Seminar on Nanotechnology

April 24, 2016 12:15 PM 2 minute read , Sciences , Patna University

 Patna University Organised Seminar on Nanotechnology

Patna University Chemistry department has organized a UGC sponsored seminar on 22nd April 2016. The theme of the seminar was Nanotechnology and Nanoscience.

The seminar was attended by the representatives of the Aryabhatta Knowledge University (AKU), Aryabhatta Centre for Nanoscience and IIT Patna.

The highlights of the seminar included the role of the nanotechnology and nanoscience into ayurvedic medicine and how it had helped in curing different diseases.

It was discussed that the practitioners of the Ayurveda in the ancient Indian systems of the medicine, would utilize the basic tenets of the nanotechnology in the preparation of the medicines for the treatment of the several diseases.

The Ayurvedic preparation of 'Bhasma', that has been widely recommended in the treatment of the variety of the chronic diseases, is ash obtained from the metallic compounds with the help of incineration.

It was also reported that the ‘Bhasma particles’ have been analysed to be found as nano-particles.
‘We have synthesized 'Abhraka Bhasma' with the help of X-ray diffractometer with vibrating sample magnetometers, scanning the electron microscopy & Photoluminescence spectrometer & found that result was in nanocrystalline form & may be considered as nanomedicines,’ as informed by the representatives of the different research centres.

Source: Shreya Shikha, City Journalist - Patna, CollegeDekho

Patna University Organised Seminar on Nanotechnology | CollegeDekho