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Students Unhappy of Class 12th Result; Protest in Front of Board Office

May 25, 2016 01:03 PM 2 minute read , Others

Students Unhappy of Class 12th Result; Protest in Front of Board Office

The CBSE boards Patna office faced protests by unhappy students and teachers on Monday after the declaration of the class 12th results on May 21.

According to the 100 students and parents gathered at the spot, low marks were awarded by the CBSE in several subjects, especially in mathematics.

According to the protesters, Despite performing good in the exams, the students were awarded with very low marks and this was not what they deserved.

The students were not even provided with average marks and they got exceedingly low marks especially in mathematics. “I was given one mark in mathematics, three in physics and seven in chemistry. I wrote the examination well, and was confident that I would score at least 60 marks in each,” alleged Vishwajeet Singh, a student.

While Nikhil Raj scored 95 in chemistry, 88 in physics and 85 in English, he was given three marks in mathematics. “How is this even possible?” he exclaimed.

Many students who even cleared the JEE and other competitive tests secured less than 10n marks in the CBSE board exam. “I got nine in mathematics. But I cleared JEE-Main with 200 marks,” said Ritu Raj Prasad, a private candidate.

According to a stressed parent, Rajiv Kumar said that his son, Swapnil, had never scored such low marks in in physics and mathematics. “The CBSE is ruining my son’s future,” he said.

Apart from the exceedingly low marks awarded to the students in mathematics, some students also questioned the low marks given to them in subjects like English, physical education and painting.

Ripu Singh complained that while he secured 90 marks in English in the pre-board examinations, the CBSE accorded him a mere 45. “This is unacceptable. I was extremely happy with the way I wrote the examination, and I simply cannot believe that I got such low marks,” she said.

Rakhi Kumari’s father Ajay Kumar said she got six marks in mathematics and 27 in painting. “Who fails in painting?” he wondered.

The protesters demanded a free re-evaluation of the answer sheets to be done immediately.

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Students Unhappy of Class 12th Result; Protest in Front of Board Office | CollegeDekho