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50% Rise in Number of Indian Students Going to UK, US Universities

August 11, 2016 01:15 PM 3 minute read , Others

50% Rise in Number of Indian Students Going to UK, US Universities

Trends have shown that a large number of Indian students wish to study abroad. With huge exposure and excellent placement opportunities, overseas education has been luring a large pool of Indian students.

A placement expert said that there will be a 50 percent rise in the number of students going overseas for undergraduate and postgraduate education in the five years to come. The reason will possibly be a manifold increase in the family income of people.

Rohan Pasari, Co-founder and CEO of Cialfo said that they expect a conservative 50 percent rise in the number of students going to the US and the UK for higher studies. This change will be seen in the next five years as the income of families will be increasing.

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Cialfo is a Singapore-based edtech that was co-founded by Rohan Pasari and Singaporean Stanley Chia. They have successfully placed over 90 percent of its students among the best universities in the US and top 30 UK universities.

He also said that China witnesses 100 percent growth in the number of students who went to US universities for their higher education. This surge was seen during the early pick up of the Chinese economy. The pattern will be same for Indian students.

Cialfo has collaboration with Delhi-based educational institutions so that they can assist Indian students to secure seats in the US and UK universities, added Pasari.

The fund bank of Cialfo includes Singapore Airlines, Koh Boon Hwee, former chairman of Singtel, DBS Bank, etc. The organization is also expecting market support for the A series funding as a lot of Indian, Chinese and Southeast Asian students might seek help from them to get admissions in overseas universities. He has predicted the annual Asian student market value to be at USD 4 billion in the UK and US universities.

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According to investors, the market value of global students in the UK and the US is expected to be at USD 80 billion per year.

Reports of the British Council said that 4.3 percent of the international students in the UK in the year 2013-14 were Indians, summing up to 21,000 out of the 493,570 international students. On the other hand, there were 132,888 Indian students amongst a total of 627,306 Asian students in the US in 2014-15, stated the Institute of International Education.

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50% Rise in Number of Indian Students Going to UK, US Universities | CollegeDekho