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Initiative of Students of Schameli Devi Group of Institution

May 07, 2016 02:06 PM 3 minute read , Engineering

Initiative of Students of  Schameli Devi Group of Institution


Inspired by the actual design of tower crane and modelled on similar lines, this competition combines the intricacies of structural design along with the complex science of construction. In this competition, the participants are required to build a tower crane which supports two counter balancing loads at different ends of the cantilever in accordance with the design constraints. An optimized 3-dimensional truss has to be constructed which can sustain extensive moments and loads, thus taking the concept of making planar structures to a higher level


Group of maximum three students can be a team. With the help of ice cream stick and gum they have to make a tower crane with one vertical member and one horizontal member at top as show in the figure. The detailed specification are given below. .


Participants have to prepare the models at home with the below mentioned specifications.


Make a tower crane, the structure must be made only from Popsicle sticks and adhesive, which consists of a vertical mast and a lever –arm to support loads.
• The main mast starting from base should be vertical
• The base and vertical mast should be within an area of 200X200 mm at any cross-section.
• The lever-arm should have an area less than 200X200 mm at any cross-section.
• The base must have extensions of 3-4 cm at the base on both sides along the lever-arm direction, to hold the structure to the ground.
• Hooks must be provided at the ends of the lever arm to support the load where the structure would be loaded and counter- loaded.
• For counter balancing load, loading pan and weights will be provided at the competition. Participants will be allowed to increase counter-balance load on the loading pan only five times after the commencement of loading.
• Hook on the Counter-balancing side must be at least 20cm apart from the main structure.
• The structure should be a truss & not a beam.
• Over-lap criteria - Not more than 2 sticks must have a complete side-side overlap
• Joint Criteria - Overlap of two members at a joint must not be greater than 20mm on either side
• No lateral supports in the form of struts should be present.
• Critical point exemption - Base and hook regions are exempted from overlap criteria i.e any number of sticks can be overlapped over each other. For The hook region only a length of 5cm along the lever arm is exempted. Base region is exempted only up to a height of 4cm from the bottom.
• Failing to abide by above terms will lead to immediate disqualification
• The more efficient structure will be the winner i.e. Efficiency is based on maximum load bear by self weight.


Mr. Vaibhav Bhawsar
Mr. Ankit Soni


Bhour Chopra(Event Head)
Abhay Sisodiya (Technical Head


Terrace of Civil Department

1ST Prize: Rs. 3000
• 2nd Prize: Rs. 2000
• 3rd Prize: Rs. 1000
• Registration Fee: (For online registration: Rs. 300), (For on spot registration: Rs. 400)

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