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AICTE to Construct Database of Fake Caste Certificate Cases

January 11, 2017 11:36 AM 2 minute read , Others

AICTE to Construct Database of Fake Caste Certificate Cases

After a long struggle to introduce transparency in the system, the HRD Ministry is planning to introduce a database for fake caste certificate cases. The ministry has taken the decision keeping in mind the discrepancies that occur due to fake certificates.

There have been a lot of cases where students have tried to secure seats in colleges on the basis of fake SC, ST and OBC category certificates. A fake category certificate allows the students to take admission through reservation quota and illegally occupying a seat that otherwise should be given to a student in need.

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AICTE will soon be introducing a database that will keep a record of all the fake certificate cases that have been registered. The database will help colleges and universities to take preventive measures and stop students from occupying reserved seats illegally.

AICTE has also notified various engineering colleges and universities regarding the use of fake certificates. It has directed the institutions to be careful during the admission process and asked them to implement a thorough document verification process.

According to a circular sent to the institutes by AICTE, use of fake category certificates is a serious concern and fraudulent activities must be eliminated from the system. It also asked the institutes to identify the fake SC, ST and OBC certificate and keep a record of them.

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These records saved by the institutes will be shared with AICTE on a yearly basis. The data will be used to maintain a database that will enhance the measures undertaken.

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AICTE to Construct Database of Fake Caste Certificate Cases | CollegeDekho