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CBSE Chairman Meets Super 30 Students

September 29, 2016 11:51 AM 2 minute read , Others

CBSE Chairman Meets Super 30 Students

Rajesh Chaturvedi, Chairman of CBSE paid a visit to the students of Super 30 on Wednesday, September 29. Mr. Chaturvedi had an interactive session with the students who are part of the program run by mathematician Anand Kumar who prepares these underprivileged students for IIT entrance exam.

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Mr. Chaturvedi talked to the students and said that India has been known for its exemplary education standards and intellectual people since the ancient times. He encouraged the students and said that this image of India needs to be revived and maintained for national development.

He also stressed the need to spread education in the rural regions of the nation so that education does not become a resource limited to the cities and towns. He also motivated the students to strive for knowledge.

Talking about the reason of his visit, Mr. Chaturvedi said that he wanted to see how organizations like Super 30 functions so that similar models can be implemented in the country to encourage talented students.

He said that the country needs to improve its standards in fields like education, health and urban and village development by motivating people to play their part in nation-building. This can be done only be spreading education in India, added Mr. Chaturvedi.

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He also revealed the plans of CBSE and said that an aptitude test for Class 10 students may be introduced that will help students recognize the fields that they want to build their careers in. He said that such an approach will make the students more focused.

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CBSE Chairman Meets Super 30 Students | CollegeDekho