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DBS Celebrates World Book Day by Donating Books

May 10, 2016 09:49 AM 2 minute read , Others

DBS Celebrates World Book Day by Donating Books

Book drive campaign, World Book Day or World Book and Copyright Day (also known as International Day of the Book or World Book Days) is a yearly event held on April 23rd, organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), to promote reading, publishing and copyright. This Nobel initiative will be carried on by students of Doon Business School.

Who can understand the importance of books better than students on 23rd April DBS celebrated World International Book day by donating books to the needy. They will give new books to children who cannot buy books on their own. Students of Doon Business School are going to give their own books which are in good condition to homeless children. DBS Students will also give books to their friends and relatives. Management is also planning to give books to every student.

It is how DBS is inculcating the feeling of helping others in the students and help that can do some good further for those who do not have money or access to education.Doon Business School is the best school where the importance and value for money are known.DBS grooms students in every way.

These activitites at DBS are a part of learning and some of the most essential are:

  • Further enhance your existing Skills sets - Soft skills as well as Managerial skills
  • Grow higher & faster in the Corporate Hierarchy.
  • Network with like minded Professionals during your tenure at Business School
  • Learn to work as a team & be able to delegate within the team.
  • Broaden your outlook & interpretation of all the happenings in the World – Political as well as Economical.

All this hepls you learn and grow.

DBS Celebrates World Book Day by Donating Books | CollegeDekho