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Decrease in Demand for UG courses in Lucknow University

March 16, 2016 10:47 PM 2 minute read , Languages / Arts / Literature , University of Lucknow

Decrease in Demand for UG courses in Lucknow University

There is a decrease of nearly seven thousand students in the number of students in Lucknow University and degree colleges. Last three years stats show that most of the reduction have been registered in the BA course. Mostly students are selecting and showing their interest in vocational courses.

One more reason for this decrease in a number of students in LU is opening of Universities with much better infrastructure, the semester system and choice-based credit system. According to examination controller, there were 103465 students in 2013-14 examinations, in 2014-15, it was 103977 while in 2015-16 this count reduced to 97314. The total decrease in the number of students is 6653.

The course wise number in the decrease of students shows that there is less crazy for BA in Lucknow University. The course wise number of students in last three sessions were:

2013-14 Session

Total Count: 103465
Students in BA: 60846
Students in B.Sc:13363
Students in B.Com: 29256

2014-15 Session

Total Count: 103977
Students in BA: 60759,
Students in B.Sc: 13177
Students in B.Com: 30061

2015-16 Session

Total Count: 97344
Students in BA: 55018,
Students in B.Sc: 13166
Students in B.Com:

These numbers are actually showing the current status of our higher education system. There is no doubt that recently arrived private universities are the first choice for students, because of growing interest for vocational courses in current crop of students.

Source: Rahul Pandey, City Journalist - Lucknow, CollegeDekho

Decrease in Demand for UG courses in Lucknow University | CollegeDekho