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E Sreedharan says the Quality of Indian Engineers is very Sub-standard

September 02, 2016 11:41 AM 2 minute read , Engineering , Indian Institute of Technology (Kanpur) , Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi)

E Sreedharan says the Quality of Indian Engineers is very Sub-standard

E Sreedharan, also known as the ‘Metro man’ said that the quality of engineers is depreciating in India. Addressing a gathering at U N Mahida memorial lecture on Thursday, he also said that education in engineering institute is going down and the brain-drain at IITs is still evident where most of the students leave the country to find better employment opportunities and higher studies.

Sreedharan spoke at the lecture on the topic ‘professional ethics and role of engineers’ conducted by the state chapter of the Institution of Engineers (India). He encouraged the engineers to adopt a varied approach, standard and mission for managing the infrastructure projects that have been initiated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a target amount of Rs. 5 trillion.

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Pointing out the fact that engineers are not able to come up fast, Sreedharan also said that there is a need for engineers to keep themselves up-to-date.

He also mentioned the survey conducted by a magazine analyzing around 300 engineering colleges, according to which only 29% of the engineers are employable, 30% can find employment after further studies, however, 48% still remain unemployable.

Questioning the quality of education in the country he asked if this was enough for students. He stressed the point that knowledge is the most essential in engineering and expertise is required regarding practical approach.

Sreedharan said that the problem was not solely the poor quality of engineering graduates. He also mentioned the fact that most of the qualified engineers leave the country in search of better jobs, causing a deficit in India.

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He said that engineers don’t bother wrapping their work in time or completing the work within estimated cost.

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E Sreedharan says the Quality of Indian Engineers is very Sub-standard | CollegeDekho