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IIT Hyderabad Aims for $15 Million Research Funding

August 17, 2016 08:26 AM 2 minute read , Engineering , Indian Institute of Technology (Hyderabad)

IIT Hyderabad Aims for $15 Million Research Funding

The Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad eyes to attract up to $15 million to promote research funding in the next two years. The institute is planning to give new vigour to Research and Development activities.

Since its inception in the year 2008, IITH has bagged $20 million of sponsored research projects. The Director of IITH, UB Desai said that the target is to reach $35 million mark. The institute is already working consistently on several significant proposals in the realm of Rs. 2 crores to Rs. 30 crores.

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The institute is aiming to develop fifth generation (5G) broadband technology, Internet of Things (IoT), storage of clean storage and digital fabrication which includes 3D printing. The 5G is likely to be rolled out commercially from 2019-2020.

So far, the institute has filed 30 patents and is expected to file 30 more patents in the next two years. Currently, there are 2000 students and 165 faculty members with an average of 3.7 PhD students per faculty.

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The institute is also planning to raise corpus. For this purpose, the Institute has formed IITH Foundation in the United States (US) to build the corpus. The primary objective of the institute is to create academic programmes along with projects.

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IIT Hyderabad Aims for $15 Million Research Funding | CollegeDekho