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Maithili Gaining Popularity Among UPSC Aspirants

June 08, 2016 10:45 AM 2 minute read , Others

Maithili Gaining Popularity Among UPSC Aspirants

Civil Services aspirants are showing a keen interest in Maithili language. The language has gained popularity over the period of time. 18 students cleared the UPS examination this time with Maithili language. Out of these 2 students’ native tongue was not Maithili. 15 examinees, who had opted for Maithili language have cleared UPSC in 2016. Among these students, there was a girl as well.

Rajani Jha (591) has set a milestone, being the first girl to have qualified the UPSC examination by opting Maithili. Rajani is from Dharhia village (Kamtaul) in Darbhanga district and works as a secretary in the Lok Sabha standing committee on information technology since 2015. Her passion for Maithili drove her to opt the language even though she is a technical graduate.

“I have done my B Tech in chemical engineering from BIT Sindri way back in 2005-09. I also worked in Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for two years from 2010-12," said, Rajani.

She did her early schooling in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand where her family resides. "Being a Maithil I decided to opt for Maithili in UPSC examination. I am so happy that I have cleared it in fourth attempt. I have faced not much problem since my mother tongue is Maithili," she added.

Shekhar Jha, who heads a Delhi-based coaching institute for Maithili aspirants in UPSC – named Manthan – said that the language’s popularity in UPSC examination is rising among students all over the country.

"This time also two non-Biharis - Amit Kumar Anand (763 UP) and Satpal (706) from Rajasthan - had opted Maithili in UPSC examination. Even non-Maithili examinees are opting it in UPSC and three months coaching help them to crack the UPSC examination,” said Shekhar.

Among the students who qualified opting Maithili language was Pravin Kumar, B Tech in electronics and computers from NIT Jamshedpur. Pravin is from Anthrathadi village in Madhubani district. He said, "I did my early schooling in a remote Anthrathadi village but I chose to opt my mother tongue. I am happy that I have cleared in third attempt."

Students opting for Maithili have a good chance of scoring as the language is quite close to Hindi. A UPSC aspirant said, “Those who are well versed in Hindi can easily pick up Maithili.”

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Maithili Gaining Popularity Among UPSC Aspirants | CollegeDekho