Pearl Academy Initiates #IAmPearl Campaign to Celebrate Legacy

By - | September 28, 2016 12:05 PM | 2 minute read
Pearl Academy Initiates #IAmPearl Campaign to Celebrate Legacy
Highlights: Students, alumni and teachers take on social media to share their views on being a proud pearlite.

With the newly started #IAmPearl campaign, Pearl Academy which is said to be the leading private institutes for design, fashion and creative business, has given way to innovative thinkers and inventors of the academy to showcase their talent and originality in different fields such as fashion, communication, design and management.

Apart from this, the campaign also promotes individualism, creativity and passion which is a necessary feature of the work domain. The campaign got a massive response with more than 350 existing students, faculty and alumni actively participating in it and taking over the social media to express their views.

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The current batch of students from the institute took pride in participating in the campaign along with the alumni and faculty members who are in favour of the teachings imparted by the institute.

According to Claudio Moderini who is the faculty head of academics at Pearl Academy, students at Pearl Academy learn and grow as they continue with their studies, also their talent, hard work helps them create their own space in whatever field or industry they enter.

At Pearl Academy, creativity is given utmost importance and the academy tries to supply the industry with creative and talented people as it is considered as a definition of an era and mirror to the future.

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As a part of the campaign, teachers came forward on various social media platforms like facebook, instagram and twitter to share their words of wisdom with the students and explain how they are preparing the students to become future industry leaders by making them disciplined and efficient at what they do.

In the second phase of the campaign, students took on the social media to thank the academy for all the learning and experience they have got from it. Students posted that they were a proud pearlite and appreciate the academy for making them more empowering in such a way that they have gained an edge over others and are no longer shy to come forward with innovative ideas and face challenges put in front of them by the industry.

Pearl Academy Initiates #IAmPearl Campaign to Celebrate Legacy | CollegeDekho