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Social Media Initiatives Started by the Shivaji University

April 06, 2016 11:56 PM 2 minute read , Others , Shivaji University

Social Media Initiatives Started by the Shivaji University

Shivaji University has started the social media initiatives from the Public Relations Department. It is planned to make more use of social media in the University. These are the students & people will be welcomed by the Information-university cooperation.

As Such The Following Three Initiatives -

1) Shivsandesh - E Magazine-
Shivaji University mouthpiece 'Sivasandesa' is published in English by e-megejhina (monthly) on the University's website. However, in the meantime, however, some time after October 2015, Vol. Dev Anand Shinde, vice-chancellor appointed a new editorial board. The new Board in the form of e-megejhina Sivasandesa has started from January 2016. The information in the first three months is available to link the university. April 2016 edition of the work is performed. University students can be viewed on the website Sivasandesa number of people.

Link - Shivsandesh (Magazine) English

2) Shivsandesh (Marathi)-
Important developments have been started at the University of the daily stage in terms of the information. The University has two years of joining the post of Public Relations Officer. University News has launched a daily blog from March 1, 2016. The link has been placed on the site of the University. this link can be seen in the independent blog. The blog will be regularly visiting the university. Information will be available on the happenings of daily photo blog.

Link- Sivasandesa (Marathi)

3) SUK in News-
University delegation visited universities in South Korea. Some contracts were harmonized. The delegation of former students of the University of Shivaji visits abroad. University students have suggested that the news should be on the website. The website has been launched from the column 7 February 2016 "SUK in News". Local newspapers published in the various columns of the university will be positive to read the news.

Link - SUK in News

Statement -

"Shivaji University students are working in various places around the world. This initiative is a step towards the use of the University's social media. Blog student, the university will interact with various sections of the society. University is starting to think about to start an official Facebook page."

Dr. V.N.Shinde, Registrar, Shivaji University

Source - Prasad Patil, City Journalist, College Dekho

Social Media Initiatives Started by the Shivaji University | CollegeDekho