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M.Tech Examinations at SUK Begins Tomorrow

April 20, 2016 05:50 PM 3 minute read , Engineering , Shivaji University

M.Tech Examinations at SUK Begins Tomorrow

Shivaji University has declared the dates for M.Tech Examination. The M.Tech. Examination will start from '21st April' and will countinue till 9th May.

Important information for students of the University -

  • Candidates should remain present at the examination centre before 15 minutes of starting of the paper. They should occupy their seats in the Examination Hall before 10 minutes of starting of the paper. They are forbidden to take any book or paper into the examination hall.
  • The Written Examination Centre will be held at : Kolhapur: Humanities Building (YCSRD), Shivaji University, Kolhapur.


M. Tech. (Rural Technology) Part – I Sem. – I (New) - Time: 10.30 A.M. To 01.30 P.M

  1. Energy System Engineering - 21st April
  2. Appropriate Technology 1 - 22nd April
  3. Elective – I Economic Analysis for Rural Development Numerical Methods and Optimization Agri Business Management Design of Experiment and Research Methodology - 23rd April
  4. Elective –II Civil Engineering and Remote Sensing and GIS E-goverance Food Technology
    Thermodynamics, Fluid and Electrical Engineering applied to Rural Development

M. Tech. (Rural Technology) Part – I Sem. – II (New) Time: 03.00 P.M. To 06.00 P.M.

  1. Environmental Management - 30th April
  2. Appropriate Technology-II - 2nd May
  3. Entreprenurship for Rural Development Industirlazation - 3rd May
  4. Elective –III Integrated Water Management Agro and Food Process Technoogies Farm Machinery Open Elective- 6th May

M. Tech. (Rural Technology) Part – I Sem. II (Old) - Time: 03.00 P.M. to 06.00 P.M.

  1. Remote Sensing and GIS - 30th April
  2. Economic Analysis for Rural Management – II (Common Sub. Common Date & Common Time For M.S.W./M.R.S./M.C.A./M.B.A./M.Tech.)- 2nd May
  3. Social Policy, Planning and Development (Common Sub. Common Date & Common Time For
    M.S.W./M.R.S./M.C.A./M.B.A./M.Tech.) - 3rd May
  4. Alternative Fuels for Transportation Technology - 6th May
  5. Elective – III Wind Energy And Hydro Power System Technology Waste Water Treatment And Its Conservation Technology Plant Food Processing Farm Machinery Appropriate Technology - 7th May
  6. Elective – IV Water Management for Rural Development Energy Efficient Lighting Technology Agro Waste Utilization Rural Development Laws and Policies Rural Transportation Techniques - 9th May

Note for Students :

  • Students should see their Seat No. and Name in the Name list and Mistakes, if any, should be communicated to this office immediately.
  • All Candidates are requested to confirm their Examination Seat Numbers as well as place of the examination on the Notice Board of the Colleges at least Two days before the date of the Examination. The Candidate should write correct Seat No. on each answer Book. If candidate writes wrong Seat No. on Answer Book the performance of the said subjects will not be considered.
  • The students are allowed to use the calculators for Numerical Calculations at their own cost. University/College will not supply such calculators.
  • Candidate should write answers in BLUE INK Only.
  • Cellular Phone, Scientific programmable Calculators, Pager and Digital Diary or any other means which can be used for unfair practice are not allowed in the Examination Hall.
  • The Examination Programme is subject to change, If there is any change it will be communicated in due course. However, the University will not be responsible for the loss or inconvenience caused to the candidates.
  • Seating arrangement is made date wise and subject wise; therefore, candidates are requested to see their seating arrangement one day before the date of the Examination.
  • The examinee should confirm the customized time table on his hall ticket with final time table at his college at least two days prior to the actual date of examination.

Source - Prasad Patil, City Journalist, College Dekho

M.Tech Examinations at SUK Begins Tomorrow | CollegeDekho