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Pt RSU Celebrates World Astronomy Day

May 14, 2016 06:38 PM 2 minute read , Sciences

Pt RSU Celebrates World Astronomy Day


On the occasion of World Astronomy Day the entry for school and college students to visit Pt RSU PLANETORIUM is free.
14th May is this year's World Astronomy Day. This is the day to know about the Universe and it's amazing facts. This Day is dedicated to our Universe, the things which we see through our eyes, what these actually are and how it looks actually, you can find about all these things on the World Astronomy Day.

Astronomy Day is an annual event in the United States which intends to provide a means of interaction between the general public and various astronomy enthusiasts, groups and professionals.
The lunar influence on the schedule means that this event takes place on a different day each year rather than a set calendar date. The table below shows the dates of Astronomy Day.

There is an amazing arrangement in Raipur where you can know about all these facts of the Universe-Planetorium of Pandit Ravishankar University of Raipur.
With a cost of around Rs. 8 lacs Pt.RSU Planetorium has been constructed.

Under this Planetorium Universe one can see through the visual effects of a Huge Balloon like Dome.
This Planetorium is in the Astronomy Department of Pandit Ravishankar University. There is no entry fees for the school and college going students and they can visit the Planetorium. The students have to contact the Astronomy Department if they want to visit.

There is also a very latest Telescope at Pt RSU from which one can see the whole Universe. Astronomy Department allows schools and colleges of Raipur to take the telescope for workshops.

Pt RSU Celebrates World Astronomy Day | CollegeDekho