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 Bengaluru leads in number of engineers  

January 14, 2016 05:48 PM 2 minute read , Engineering

  Bengaluru leads in number of engineers  

Going by the census of 2011 Bengaluru have a higher number of women engineers as compared to Mumbai and Delhi.

In particular, the information technology or IT services is observing more women, who choose to engineer in the city of Bengaluru, a data released recently by Census 2011.

There are about 1.41 lakh female engineers in Bengaluru, which is the highest in India. Another interesting fact is that the number of female engineers in Bengaluru is still more than Kolkata, Mumbai, and New Delhi added together! In fact, this is just a bit more than 30% of the overall number of engineers in Bengaluru. But this is not all. There is an exceeding count of women who join the workforce.

Bengaluru continues to attract such a large number of engineers. The scale of the IT sector is an advantage. Bengaluru is still most attractive city, as it was more cosmopolitan than Kolkata and Chennai, and was cheaper than Mumbai for the younger generation. Unlike in many cities, language is not an issue. Locals form the minority in the IT sector.

Yearly, around 4 lakh engineering students are produced from the State and neighboring areas. For anyone setting up industries, there is manpower and skilled labor base already present, but for the government, there needs to be a thrust towards ensuring all these engineers are absorbed.

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 Bengaluru leads in number of engineers   | CollegeDekho