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CBSE Fails to Conduct NEET II Peacefully

July 26, 2016 12:58 PM 2 minute read , Medicine / Beauty / Health Care

CBSE Fails to Conduct NEET II Peacefully

The NEET II took place on 24th July’ 16, NEET is the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test. The test is conducted for students who wish to take admission in the medical and dental colleges of India, earlier the test was known as AIPMT.

According to the comments of students on NEET, it is safe to say that the test was not conducted peacefully and feelings of some students were really hurt.

There are a lot of complaints against the invigilators as they supposedly treated the students badly, students were asked to remove their full sleeve shirts, earrings, nose rings etc. A girl with a skin infection was forced to fold her sleeves way up high which made her feel very uncomfortable and made her lose focus.

Students wearings religious threads or chains were also forced to remove those as they did not fit in the dress code.

On the other hand, students wearing skull hats or different accessories were allowed in the examination hall.

In response to this, the Deputy Secretary of CBSE, Sanyam Bhardwaj said the students were already made aware of the dress code and were strictly instructed to dress according to the guidelines. This was all done to conduct the test in a fair manner and to make sure no one can use unfair means.

“Students are caught using pin sized camera before, which is a high-tech tool for cheating, CBSE wanted to avoid it this time,” said Bhardwaj.

But the complaints are just too many to ignore.

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CBSE Fails to Conduct NEET II Peacefully | CollegeDekho