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Delayed promotions of the PU teachers hampers productivity

April 12, 2016 11:35 PM 2 minute read , Others , Patna University

Delayed promotions of the PU teachers hampers productivity

The Patna University (PU) according to the reports seems to have delayed the process of the promotion of the teachers. The long wait has hampered the productivity of the teachers in classrooms. It is reported that some of the teachers have even retired without getting any promotions. The retired faculty waits for their due promotions.

The teachers, who had applied for the promotions as early as the year 1997, still wait, after almost two decades.The teachers allege that even after giving their best to the Patna University (PU) in the shaping, the career for the students, they have been denied the well-deserved promotions for the last many years. Many senior teachers retired and about to get retired, are waiting for their promotion endlessly.

The Patna University Teacher’s Association general secretary Mr. Anil Kumar said that the cases for the promotions are still pending under different schemes. He also said that it becomes slightly discouraging for the teachers thus their productivity hampers. He said that more than 200 teachers out of 350 currently serve Patna University and have been denied the promotion to the posts of associate professor & professor. The case was general with the teachers who were appointed after the year 1987.

Source: Shreya Shikha, City Journalist - Patna, CollegeDekho

Delayed promotions of the PU teachers hampers productivity | CollegeDekho