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Highlight of Mark Zuckerberg’s Speech in IIT- Delhi

October 28, 2015 04:38 PM 2 minute read , Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Highlight of Mark Zuckerberg’s Speech in IIT- Delhi

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg held a town hall Q&A session at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi today. The hall was full packed with IIT students and Mark replied and elaborate his concept of Facebook to students.
Here are few points to sum up the best of Mark-speech in town hall today.

• More than 130 million people use Facebook in India. I’m looking forward to hearing directly from one of our most active and engaged communities.
• India is the world's largest democracy. If u want to connect everyone to Internet, can't leave India out.
• For every 10 people that get access to Internet, one gets a job, one gets lifted out of poverty... Access to Internet can help improve quality of life.
• is live in 24 countries. 15 million people around the world now have access to Internet because of this initiative. In India over a million people have access to Internet as a result of these efforts.
• With Free Basics, people don't get access to rich medium but basic services which make them realize why they need Internet," he says. What is Free Basics? Facebook recently renamed what it had termed its internet access enabling platform, "" as Free Basics by Facebook.
• A question on how to avoid candy crush messages gets huge round of applause! And in reply Mark said, “We are doing it, we are finding a solution.”

• "What are future products we can expect from Facebook?" - "In 5-10 yrs we want to be able to build computer systems which can recognise things around world, translate language better, and understand language better."
• Net neutrality is an important principle; we support it in terms of regulations and building an open platform for any developer.
• If Zero Rating allows people to access internet, then who is going to get hurt by that.
• It's important that we have regulations that prevent people from doing things that hurt people.
• Don't believe Zero Rating is against Net neutrality.
• Working on a project where artificial intelligence can describe photos to blind people.
• The good thing about technology is you can build any superpower you want, he says when asked what superpower would he want?

Highlight of Mark Zuckerberg’s Speech in IIT- Delhi | CollegeDekho