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IBS-Hyderabad: The 3rd Largest Case Developer after Harvard and INSEAD

August 19, 2016 02:06 PM 3 minute read , Management - BBA / MBA / Diploma

IBS-Hyderabad: The 3rd Largest Case Developer after Harvard and INSEAD

ICFAI Business School sets a benchmark in business education, claims to be the third-largest case developer after Harvard and INSEAD. The institute has incorporated an advanced academic approach that trains its students using the right business tools.

The institute has a 100% case space learning system. It has had the privilege to be one of the major contributors of cases to the UK-based case center of Cranfield University. They have submitted 6,000 cases which form 10% of the 57,000 cases that the case center comprises.

In the year 2015, the sales of the cases of IBS formed about 7.5% of the total sales of the case center. These cases were taught in 870 business schools in about 75 countries. These schools included the London Business School, Oxford University, London School of Economics, Cambridge University, etc.

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Case studies are an essential teaching style in business schools and particularly in courses like MBA. It is a teaching methodology that develops the decision-making skills of students. It eliminates the old-fashioned spoon fed methods and brings students together in open discussions and interactions that help them understand the flow of business and the problems that occur in the process further enhancing the decision-making capabilities of students.

One of the most popular B-schools who have adopted the case study approach of teaching is the Harvard Business School. A student enrolled in HBS is made to read 500 cases during the two-year MBA program. On the basis of their engagement and the decisions that they made, they are supposed to present their stand on these cases in seminars. A healthy discussion takes place where a Harvard Business School faculty member who evaluates the analytical and communication skills of the students as these qualities are essential for business leadership.

IBS Hyderabad’s focus on case studies sheds light on the importance of this method of teaching in colleges across the globe. The institute also focuses on providing an academic journey in collaboration with the industry to come up with appropriate business solutions.

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IBS Hyderabad was established in 1995 and is a constituent of Higher education. It follows an operation model named TRICK that stands for – Teaching, Research, Institution Development, Community Development, and Knowledge sharing. The institute focuses on objective teaching and mapping the classroom educating in the real world so that students are able to utilize their education in real life business practices.

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IBS-Hyderabad: The 3rd Largest Case Developer after Harvard and INSEAD | CollegeDekho