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JEE Main 2024 Daily Practice Questions for 15 September 2023

Angana Nath
Angana NathUpdated On: September 15, 2023 04:00 am IST
Practice subject-wise daily questions from JEE Main 2024 Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics separately so that they can start solving those questions from now onwards during their preparation to secure a good rank in the exam. 
JEE Main 2024 Daily Practice QuestionsJEE Main 2024 Daily Practice Questions

JEE Main 2024 Daily Practice Questions: Solving daily practice questions for JEE Main 2024 is helpful in maintaining consistency in the performance level of the students. Though NTA has not yet announced the official dates of JEE Main 2024 exam. However, it is likely to be held in January 2024. Before that daily practicing of JEE Main question paper is useful to get a good score in the Main exam. 

JEE Main 2024 Daily Practice Questions

Check out the 15th September’s daily practice questions on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics here:


Ques. y= A sin (6t+0.003x). Find the speed of wave ‘x’ in centimeters:

1. 10 m/s

2. 20 m/s

3. 30 m/s

4. 40 m/s

Ques. Find equivalent capacitance between A and B.

1. 4C

2. 2C

3. C/2

4. 5C/3

Ques. If the weight on the surface of a planet of mass, radium is 200 N. Find the weight at depth R/2 from the surface of the planet.

1. 200 N

2. 300 N

3. 100 N

4. 400 N


Ques. The number of moles and molecules of O2 in 28.375L of oxygen gas at STP.

Ques. The compound does not exist.

1. BeCl2

2. NaO2

3. PbEt4

4. (NH4)2BeF4

Ques. Stabilizer used for concentrating sulphide ores:

1. Fatty acid

2. Pine oil

3. Cresol

4. Xanthate


Ques. If ln2- 10n + 19l < 6, then find the number of the integral value of n.

Ques. How many mixed doubles tennis matches can be organized among 8 couples, such that no couple plays in the same match? [Data may be different]

Ques. In the series 3+8+13+....+373. Find the sum of numbers that are not divisible by 3.

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