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JEE Main 2024 Daily Practice Questions for 9 September 2023

Angana Nath
Angana NathUpdated On: September 19, 2023 04:03 pm IST
The students will find the list of questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics separately, so that they can start practicing from now onwards to secure a good rank in the JEE Main 2024 exam. 
JEE Main 2024 Daily Practice Questions for 9 September 2023JEE Main 2024 Daily Practice Questions for 9 September 2023

JEE Main 2024 Daily Practice Questions for 9 September 2023: It is expected that the JEE Main 2024 Session 1 exam will be held in January 2024. This means the candidates are left with only 4 months tentatively, before the exam. To secure a good rank and to get admission to the top listed colleges, the candidates should start solving the daily practice questions on Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics on a regular basis, immediately.

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Ques. Find the ratio of heat loss.

1. 1:4

2. 4:1

3. 2:!

4. 1:1

Ques. A projectile is projected at an angle of 30° from the horizontal, the height of the projectile is the same at t= 3 sec and t= 5 sec. Find the initial speed of the projectile.

1. 80 m/s

2. 100 m/s

3. 120 m/s

4. 140 m/s

Ques. A person is firing ‘n’ bullets per second, the speed of each bullet is 250 m/s. The thrust force experienced by the person is 125 N, and the mass of each bullet is 10 grams. Find n.

1. 50

2. 60

3. 70

4. 120


Ques. 250g solution containing 25% sugar and 500 g solution containing 40% sugar are mixed. Find the mass percentage of sugar in the resulting solution.

Ques. Correct order of first ionization energy for second-period elements: Li, Be, B, C, N, O, F

Ques. In a contained at a constant temperature arrange the following gases in increasing order of RMS Velocity.- Ne, CL2, UF6

1. UF6<Cl2<Ne

2. UF6<Ne<Cl2

3. UF6>Cl2>Ne

4. Ne<UF6<Cl2



1. Continuous at x= 0

2. Continuous at x= 1

3. Differentiable at x= 0

4. None of these

Ques. 5 boys with allotted roll Numbers and seat numbers are seated in such a way that no one sits on the allotted seat. Find the number of such seating arrangements.

1. 18

2. 9

3. 45

4. 44

Ques. The number of rational terms in (31/2+51/2)680 is:

1. 171

2. 181

3. 191

4. 151

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