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Falak Khan
Falak Khan
Falak Khan

Falak Khan is a content writer with core experience in the ed-tech field. Falak is associated with collegedekho as a full-time content writer. Currently, she is working under the engineering team, writing news, articles, blogs, live updates, all related to engineering exams, development in the engineering events, startups, latest changes and updates in India’s Engineering sector, etc. Falak feels she gets the independence to write and the ability to use her experience and skills in collegedekho. Falak is writing, publishing, and editing, creating images for her articles and blogs here. 

Falak started working in 2020 as a news writer. She has written about the national and international news of that time like black lives matter, USA presidential elections, Australian bushfires, and many others. 

After that, Falak started writing for big ed-tech companies. From the start of 2021, she has been associated with different ed-tech companies where Falak has written articles, blogs, news, promotional copies, brochures. She also has knowledge about the government exam, recruitment process, and exam preparation, how to prepare subjects like English, History, Social Studies, Reasoning Ability for civil exams. Falak has worked on different projects like news and updates, SEO changes, Ranking Improvement, Dashboard 2022 Project, Test Series Project, SEO Updates, Revamping, Editing, etc. These projects have given her experience in real-time projects. She has exposure to the ed-tech audience and knows how to cater to their searches. 

During her tenure, Falak has learned several key skills of writing like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Keyword Research, WordPress, Competitor analysis, Editing, Canva, and many others related to writing. 

Now Falak has developed expertise in writing articles and blogs that will rank in the top 5 google searches. Falak understands the user intent and composes pieces that will provide them with all the information that is accurate and factual that they are looking for. 

Falak has completed her schooling at St. Joseph’s Senior Secondary School and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) from Christ Chruch Colleges. Currently, Falak is pursuing her postgraduate degree in Master of Commerce (M.Com). Her, academic achievements include a gold medal in the cyber olympiad, a silver medal in the English olympiad, a 6 state rank in the Science Olympiad, a silver medal for the Hind Olympiad, and many others. Besides this, she has won competitions like speech, English Extempore. 

Becoming a content writer was never Falak Khan's plan, but as destiny takes, she lands up in the writing and media sector. Falak always loved and had a passion for writing that she wasn't aware of. And eventually, she discovers her dedication to writing. Falak always felt fascinated penning down her thoughts, writing stories during her school and college days. As a writer, Falak gets the independence to express her views with others and connect with the audience. 

Besides, content writing she occasionally pens down her thoughts and writes small poems. That someday, she plans to post it or publish it.  Now that Falak is a writer, she feels It's the right choice for her. 

Her hobbies are writing (obviously), binging Netflix, and listening to music. Sometimes, she writes and switches to Spotify music and works, she finds this therapeutic and a rescue when she is feeling low. She feels soothing to write and listen and go with the flow. 

Falak also loves to bake cakes on weekends, explore her culinary skills. She is a fan of movies and cinema also. She enjoys binging movies, series, of different genres like comedy, romantic, thriller, drama, etc. She also loves to go on a long walks, spend time with family and friends. Adding to that, she loves to spend on shopping and food :)

Falak plans to continue her career as a content writer and compose blogs on different topics and genres. She feels still there is a lot to learn and discover in the writing. Falak plans to write pieces about women’s lives and their success, struggle stories someday. Covering the journey of different kinds of people and sharing it with the audience will motivate young girls to be independent, stand for themselves, and have a voice. 

You can contact her via official email ID- falak.khan@collegedekho.com. And read her news and articles on Engineering Sector by scrolling below. 


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