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Students of Vivekananda College for Women on Protest

April 07, 2016 05:28 AM 2 minute read , Languages / Arts / Literature , Vivekananda College For Women (Kolkata) , University of Calcutta, Kolkata

Students of Vivekananda College for Women on Protest

Students of Vivekananda College For Women showed mass protest when they were not allowed to take the Second Year Examination Form Fill up on April 5th, 2016.

The protest took place when a group of about 95 students was not allowed to take up the second year examination form fill up for undergraduate courses. According to the sources, the college authority barred the students who did not achieve passing marks in their test exams and also did not have 30% of attendance from filling up the forms for the final year.After this, the students started staging their protest in the campus.

Calcutta University's Vice-Chancellor Prof. Sugata Marjit was also present in the college to join an event and faced demonstration.When he was trying to intervene into the matter, protesting students allegedly stopped his car and he was also pushed and shoved during the students who were present in the agitation.Looking at the seriousness of the matter Prof. Marjit said that he will look into the matter soon. He said to the students present in the agitation: "I am the VC.....I shall look into your demands,"

Meanwhile, denying the allegation, Vivekananda College for Women's principal Soma Bhattacharya told that few students were demonstrating today demanding to allow them in final exams. They all scored 20% or less than that in test exam. They don't have good attendance as well. She also added that in this grounds the college authority was unable to allow them to appear in the university exam as per the university rules.

While asked about why the college authority closed the main gate of the college during this agitation, She said that the authority took the decision to close the main gate at that quick moment to identify the outsider culprits and to stop the entry of more outsiders in the campus.

Protesting students also alleged that college authority beat and molested them badly, after locking the main gate.In this regard Ms. Bhattacharya claimed that nobody was even touched at that time, even the authority didn't call up the police for intervention in this matter. She said "If any student is beaten up, she can go to the police station,"

Source: Soutrik Das, City Journalist - Kolkata, CollegeDekho

Students of Vivekananda College for Women on Protest | CollegeDekho