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UNESCO Report- India Half a Century Behind in Achieving 2030 Educational Goals

September 06, 2016 11:58 AM 2 minute read , Others

UNESCO Report- India Half a Century Behind in Achieving 2030 Educational Goals

In order to meet the 2030 sustainable development goals, India will need to bring changes in its education system soon or otherwise it will be half a century late in its global education commitments. This was found out in a report submitted by the UNESCO.

According to UNESCO’s new Global Education Monitoring (GEM), India is lagging behind to achieve the desired quality of education. Considering the current education trends, India will be achieving the goal of primary education in Southern Asia in 2051, lower secondary in 2062, and upper secondary in 2087.

Until the year 2050, India won't be able to achieve universal primary education. Also, it is estimated that further after 10 more years ie. by 2060, India will be able to achieve its goal of universal lower secondary education. For universal upper secondary education, India will have to wait till 2085.

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Since the country will be able to fulfill the 2030 sustainable development goals in the year 2085, it will be half a century late.

What is the need of the hour is a major transformation in the education system and also a head start to reach the 2030 sustainable development goals. Another report by UNESCO explains how education is important in spreading awareness among people related to the prevalent environmental concerns.

It says that in most countries, education plays an important part in spreading climate awareness. In India, students are taught about environment awareness from the very beginning and it is estimated that currently, some 300 million school students have received environmental education.

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Also, another issue raised by UNESCO report was the inequality in education. For this, governments of various countries were urged to take action regarding the same by collecting stats directly from the families.

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UNESCO Report- India Half a Century Behind in Achieving 2030 Educational Goals | CollegeDekho