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DU Ad-hoc Faculty Issue: Hiring might start in 2017

November 28, 2016 11:38 AM 3 minute read , Others , University of Delhi

DU Ad-hoc Faculty Issue: Hiring might start in 2017

The prestigious Delhi University has been struggling to solve the issue of rising number of ad-hoc faculties in several colleges affiliated with it. 40% of the teachers hired by the university are working on ad-hoc basis.

The OBC expansion in 2008 increased the student intake of DU and hence the requirement of teachers also increased in order to maintain the quality of education. Another reason behind the increase in vacant teaching posts at DU was the retirement of various permanent teachers. The number of teaching posts at DU colleges and departments increased from 6500 to 10,000 out of which 4000 are serving on ad-hoc basis.

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The university has teachers who have been working on ad-hoc basis for over 10 years and say that the rules laid out for them are unfair and exploitative. Teachers hired on ad-hoc basis say that they have to work twice as hard as permanent teachers and make sure that they remain in everyone’s good books to keep their jobs.

Ad-hoc teachers are not entitled to medical leaves, maternity leaves or earned leaves. They only get one sanctioned leave per month. Check out the difference in the rules laid out for permanent teachers and ad-hoc teachers:

Features Permanent Teachers Ad-Hoc Teachers
Monthly Salary Rs.85,080 Rs.64,016
Medical Reimbursements Yes No
Research Grants Yes No
Promotion and Increment Yes No
Leaves 28 / year 8 / year
Earned Leave Yes No
Medical Leave Yes No
Maternity Leave Yes No

Problems with ad-hoc hiring:

According to the rules laid out by DU, ad-hoc teachers cannot work for more than 4 months and if they are recruited for a longer duration than that then they must be hired as temporary teachers who are entitled to leaves, grants and increments, unlike ad-hoc teachers.

Colleges have been working around this rule and hire ad-hoc teachers for 4 months and then they are asked to re-join after a break in service of 1 to 3 days. A break in service means that the candidate will not be eligible for a temporary position.

A 200-point roster was finalized by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) basis which hiring will be done in the future. According to the roster recruitment will be done keeping the 49.5 per cent reservation norms in mind. This has divided the university strength into two parts where one group supports the roster while other wants to challenge it in court as it allegedly supports an unequal distribution of reserved seats in DU.

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DU Recruitment Plans 2017:

To resolve the issue of ad-hoc hiring, DU plans to start the recruitment process in 2017 and hire permanent faculty. DU’s academic council will be meeting on Tuesday, November 29, to discuss the UGC amendment that is supposed to offer relaxation to applicants who completed their PhDs more than 10 years ago. Devesh Sinha, Dean of Colleges said that this will be the initial step in the hiring process as it will provide opportunities to candidates who are not willing to move away from Delhi.

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DU Ad-hoc Faculty Issue: Hiring might start in 2017 | CollegeDekho