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IIT Delhi Graduate Makes App to Detect Levels of Pollution in Air

October 13, 2016 11:50 AM 2 minute read , Engineering , Indian Institute of Technology (Delhi)

IIT Delhi Graduate Makes App to Detect Levels of Pollution in Air

An alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi has come up with an idea that will help us be more aware of the danger air pollution poses on our lives. Namita Gupta, who graduated from IIT Delhi used to work as a Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Zomato. She moved to the United States of America after graduation but recently moved back to the capital of India.

The year 2014 was a nightmare for her and her daughter who has asthma. They could only survive the year because of antibiotic medicines. After she witnessed the danger the situation posed on her daughter, she decided to move back to the USA. But something made her change her decision.

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She made an application named Airveda from the scratch that tells about the specific level of pollution in an area. And everyone is loving the app as the festival of fireworks, Diwali is around the corner, along with winters that will bring the gift of smog. Every year, a minimum 10,500 people die because of the extreme augmentation of pollution in the air. According to the reports, people who do not even smoke still inhale almost 40 cigarettes worth smoke because of the increased level of pollution in the air and die of diseases like lung cancer etc.

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While in conversation with the reporters, Namita revealed that the problem of pollution is so common nowadays that people have almost started to ignore it. However, she couldn't ignore the health of her daughter nor other thousands of parents can. She also said that now the people will actually be able to see the level of danger they are in and maybe will try to do something about it.

The application also tells if the level of pollution can be taken down with the use of air purifiers or not. Namita is also planning to install air monitoring stations to help reduce air pollution.

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IIT Delhi Graduate Makes App to Detect Levels of Pollution in Air | CollegeDekho