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IISER Aptitude Test 2021 Question Paper (Available) - Download Memory-Based Questions

Diksha Sharma
Diksha SharmaPublished On: September 20, 2021 | IISER Aptitude Test

IISER Aptitude Test 2021 was conducted on September 17. Download the PDF of the memory-based question paper and answer key here.

IISER Aptitude Test Question Paper

IISER Aptitude Test 2021:IISER Aptitude Test 2021 was conducted on September 17, 2021. The exam was conducted in online mode and there were MCQ-type questions in the exam. The duration of the test was 180 minutes and it was conducted for a total of 60 questions. There will be 3 marks for each correct answer and -1 marks will be deducted for incorrect answers. 

The candidates can check the memory-based question paper along with the answer key PDF for IISER Aptitude Test 2021 from this page.

IISER Aptitude Test 2021 Question Paper

The memory-based question paper of the IISER Aptitude Test 2021 have been updated here -

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  1. F-P-Cl bond angle in PF3Cl2

  2. What type of cells are found in the inner layer of the fallopian tube?

  3. The floral formula of Fabaceae

  4. What will be the main product when salicylaldehyde react with Ch3Mgbr followed by acidic hydrolysis?

  5. Which would affect least for hardy Weinberg law

  6. Where the electron density is maximum in the 1s shell of a hydrogen atom?

  7. Area between the curves y=|sinx|, y=1-|sinx| ,x=0,x=2π

  8. For f(x)=x^2|x|, x>1 f'(x) is differentiable f'(x) is differentiable but f''(x) is not f(x) is continuous but not differentiable

  9. f(x)= 1+lnx, find the definite integration of f(cube root cosx)/f(cube root sinx)+ f(cube root cosx) from 0 to pi/2

  10. A girl starts running from rest and accelerates for 2 seconds to a velocity of 9m/s. She runs at constant velocity for some time before de-accelerating to come to a halt. The total time from start to end is 12 seconds. Find the distance travelled by her.

  11. A circuit diagram having XOR gate and AND gate with input values 1, P and 1, Q respectively are connected to a NAND gate, if the output value is 0, what are P and Q? (The formula for XOR gate was given)

  12. Area under curve y=1+|sinx|, y=-|sinx|, x=2pi and x=0 is?

  13. The dimensions of electrical resistance are equal to which of the following quantity? a) h/e b)e/h c)(e)^2/(h) d)(h)^2/(e)

  14. What is the maximum value of cos^4(x)+sin^2(x)+cos(x) , x>0?

  15. 4 charges q, -2q, -3q and 4q are kept at the vertices of a regular tetrahedron. A charge of 5q is kept at the centre of the tetrahedron. Find the total electrostatic potential energy of the system Opt1 15q²/4πεl Opt2 -15q²/4πεl Opt3 30q2/4πεl

  16. The half-life of nuclei is 2000 hrs, total time required for decaying of 2/3 nuclei

  17. Draw energy profile diagram of following sequential reaction P----->q---->r Kf of reaction 1 =4k kb of reaction1 = 2k Kf of reaction 2 =8k kb of reaction1 = 3k

  18. In F3PCl2, the bond angle of F-P-Cl

  19. Let Set A be A={1,2,3,4,5} Find no. Of functions f from A-->A such that f(f(x))=x Opt 1 - 5, Opt 2 - 10, Opt 3 - 31, Opt 4 - 41

  20. Which of the following is not asexual reproduction Conidia of ascomycetes Zoospores of Chlamydomonas Isogametes of chordophones

  21. Let to sets be S1= {1,2,4,6,8,9,11,12} S2={51,52,54,56,58,59,61,62} M1 M2 be arithmetic mean of data 1 and 2 and v1 and V2 be variance of both data respectively Find relationship between M1 and M2 and v1 and V2

  22. What is a common function between the small intestine and renal tubule?

  23. A particle with velocity= v k^ is travelling in magnetic field B= Bx i^ +By j^ and electric field E= Ex i^+ Ey j^. Then Ex and Ey in terms of v, Bx, and By are?

  24. There are 1 to 10 numbered cards in a bag if A picks any card at random( keeps it in the bag) and the card shows m. Also if B picks any card at random and (keeps in the bag) and the card shows n, then what is the probability that m>n gave that m is an even number.

  25. Which of the following is associated with asexual reproduction? Ans- Gemmule in sponges

  26. Which is an example of a palindromic DNA sequence

  27. In Al2Cl6 how does bond lengths of aluminium with terminal chloride and aluminium with bonded chloride vary? and how does the bond angle of aluminium with terminal chloride vary from that of bonded chloride?

  28. If f(x)= e^x2/2+ int (0 to x) tdt then find the range of the function f(x)

  29. NiCO4 is diamagnetic due to  Ans- absence of unpaired electrons

  30. What type of epithelial cells are found in the inner lining of the fallopian tube

  31. Select the correct option
    A) a curve of hot-blooded and cold-blooded animals where X= hot-blooded, Y = cold-blooded B) a graph of surface to volume ratio where a= low surface to volume ratio, b= high surface to volume ratio. Hummingbird: crocodile:: frog: polar bear
    Wrt this choose the correct option below
    A)Xa:Yb:: Xb:Yb

  32. What is the maximum acceleration of a body oscillating in SHM having energy E, mass M and time period T?

  33. Find the time taken to reduce 1mole of MnO4- to Mn+2 when the current is 2.5A by electrolysis

  34. Products obtained when far-red light is fallen on plants

  35. Condition for real solution of z2+2z(e^(a-e^a))+(e^(a-e^a)) Ans: no real solution for any value of a

  36. Two identical objects are at temperatures Ta and Tb, Ta>Tb. When they are brought in contact what can we say about final temperature T?

  37. Light of wavelength 600nm used for ydse, if the intensity is I at path difference=600nm, path difference at 100nm = ? And: c) 3/2 I

  38. A door of mass M and length L is at rest which can rotate about a vertical plane.A bullet of mass m strikes the door at a distance x from the axis and gets embedded. After the collision, the system gains an angular velocity w. Considering M>>m, which of the following graphs shows the variation of w with x. The answer was: Under the given approximation w is directly proportional to x for x<L
    w=0 for x>L.

  39. Which of the following are not associated with asexual reproductive structure? Answer: Isogamete of Cladophora

  40. An ambulance is travelling with a velocity of 20 m/s emitting a siren of frequency 540 hz. Sunanda is travelling in a car towards the ambulance at a velocity of 20 m/s. What is the difference in frequency as Sunanda passes the ambulance? The speed of sound in air is 340 m/s.

  41. If a, b and c are in A.P, then find the value of the following determinant:
    Row 1: x²+3 x²+4 x²+5
    Row 2: x²+4 x²+5 x²+6
    Row 3: x²+a x²+b x²+c

  42. Which of the following is incorrect?

    A. Half life of first order reaction is independent of initial concentration
    B. Half life of first order reaction is inversely proportional to rate constant
    C. Half life of zero order reaction is proportional to initial concentration
    D. Half life of zero order reaction is proportional to rate constant

  43. Why is [Ni(CO4)] divalent in nature?

  44. A rectangular door of mass M with width W is at rest. A tiny particle of mass m (m<<M) hits the door with velocity v at distance x from its axis of rotation. If omega is door's angular velocity, then plot the graph between omega and x.

More questions will be updated as and when we receive from students

IISER Aptitude Test 2021 Answer Key

The answer key for IISER Aptitude Test 2021 will be updated here on the basis of availability. If you know the exact answers for any of the questions, you can share by clicking on the link below -

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IISER Aptitude Test 2021 Question Paper Analysis

Based on the student’s responses & expert analysis, we have also created a detailed question paper analysis for IISER Aptitude Test 2021. You can click on the link given below to check the IISER Aptitude Test 2021 Question Paper Analysis:

IISER Aptitude Test 2021 Question Paper Analysis

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