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Diksha Sharma
Diksha Sharma
Diksha Sharma

I write blogs; which; considering where you’re reading this, makes perfect sense. I am best known for her sometimes boring, mostly interesting write-ups. I write anything & everything, on subjects ranging from education, Tech, IT tutorials, relationships, dogs, people, etc. I enjoy drinking Pepsi, as should all cool people. I am an Indian and am pretty for no reason. I belong to a small district in Jharkhand, Bokaro Steel City and I had the dream of becoming a writer since I was in school. I completed my B.Tech from Lovely Professional University with Computer Science stream in 2019. Since I was pursuing Engineering, I never thought of choosing writing as my career path. However, when I got a placement opportunity in my last year for a Content Writer position, I decided to follow my passion. 

I have been an average student in terms of academic performance in my college. Although, I participated in a lot of curricular activities at my college. I was a part of the Student’s Division where I participated as an event coordinator. I have also won various recognition awards, and certificates for my work in the student division. I also participated in the modeling competition at my college where I got selected to perform in front of Ranvijay Singh. I was a part of the Fine Arts club too at LPU.

Though my major area of interest is in Blog Writing, I have written various other content types including guest posts, on-page, and off-page blogs, website-based content, academic writing, and so on. I have written blogs/ content on various topics including Education, Relationships, Finance, Travel, and whatnot. I feel if I get an example at the starting, I have the capability to write content on any type of topic. 

The most interesting part of my work was when I started working as an Academic Writer. My main responsibilities there were to create academic content & projects for the students staying abroad. Though I was from the Engineering stream, I used to make projects & assignments for Management as well as Medical students. Even though it was quite tough sometimes, it was very interesting. At times, I even had to look at a video and then analyze the content to write from that perspective. I learned a lot from that job and it helped me enhance my data analysis skills.

Further, I shifted to Gurugram to carry forward with my career. In Gurgaon, I started working with a startup company which was quite a small business. My main responsibility was to write content for their online tutorial site. I majorly wrote technical articles for that company. However, sometimes I also used to write website-based articles for the clients. Apart from that, I also had the responsibility to write on-page & off-page content for the company.

Right now I am working with College Dekho, Girnarsoft. This company has taught me a lot, brushing up my writing skills consistently. My major responsibility here is to write educational based content. I have also learned how to write news articles here which I didn’t know earlier. Apart from general educational news & articles, I also handle exam-based content, college content, and other content. I also answer questions submitted by students which are quite interesting. But the most interesting aspect of my work in this company is generating video-based content. I had never handled video-based content before and was not really confident about it. But here I learned how to make videos and I even got some great views on those videos. Overall, I can say that I have learned a lot here and am looking forward to learning other things including SEO.

I also have my own blog named The Loud Buzz for which the niche is Relationship & Dating. I that blog, I write about relationships & dating topics. It has always been my dream to start my own website/ blog. Though I have just started, my blog is making quite a lot of progress in terms of Google rankings. One thing which I lack is my knowledge of proper SEO which I am constantly working on.

In the future, I am looking forward to becoming a successful writer and learning content management. I know my future beholds a lot of opportunities for me and I can’t wait for it.

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