No Ban on Startups in IIT Kanpur Placement Drive

By - | August 30, 2016 12:19 PM | 2 minute read
No Ban on Startups in IIT Kanpur Placement Drive
Highlights: IIT Kanpur won't ban startups from participating in placement drive, unlike other IITs.

After a series of bad experiences, IITs across India decided to blacklist more than 30 starups and e-commerce companies from entering their gates for placements. Some of the problems faced by students were change in job profile, salary terms, deferring date of joining and even revoking offers.

Amidst all this chaos, IIT Kanpur has confirmed that it won’t be doing the same and no company for startup will be banned to take part in the placement drive.

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The reason behind this was given by Prof Indranil Manna who is also the director of IIT-Kanpur. He says that despite all such bad experiences reported in earlier times, no such incident was reported by any student of IIT Kanpur. According to Prof Deepu Philip, former placement cell incharge of IITK, the institute paid special attention to various parameters and factors relating to the company before allowing them to enter the college premises. As a result, unlike students from other IITs, no student faced any difficulty or problem related to their job offers.

IIT Kanpur director further said that in case a startup offers 100 jobs and then later withdraw 50 jobs, students will be in trouble. He mentioned that apart from delay in joining for a handful of students, no other problem was faced and no job offers were revoked. Also, if IIT Bombay and IIT Madras are compared, IIT Kanpur did not face any major issue.

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He also said that the decisions were taken keeping the health of the company and the interest of students in mind and therefore no difference was made between startups and existing companies during the placement drive.

After discussing the same issue in the AIPC meeting, it was decided that 31 companies including startups and e-commerce companies were blacklisted and thus banned to take part in the placement drive. Some of the companies that have been black listed are:

Zomato, Zettata, Nowfloats, ConsultLane, Zimply, Peppertap, Portea Medical, Babajobs, GPSK, Hopscotch, SmartTrak Solar Systems Pvt Ltd, Crayon Data India Pvt Ltd.

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