Part-Time Jobs in New Zealand for International Students

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Wish to work while you study in New Zealand? Then read this article on part-time jobs for international students in New Zealand. You can learn about the New Zealand regulations for visa conditions, student job regulations, salaries and taxation here.

For many international students, finding and carrying out a part-time job seems to be a logical financial decision. As a common trend seen in countries like the US, Canada, UK and Germany, New Zealand also offers international students the opportunity to work while they study in the prestigious universities in the country.

However, like every other top destination for studying abroad, those aspiring to work while they study in New Zealand are required to adhere to different regulations and restrictions. In this article, we shall discuss the necessary information that you, an international student, needs to know while pursuing a part-time job in New Zealand.

Part-time Job Regulations for International Students in New Zealand

In order to work in New Zealand as an international student, you will need to ensure that you meet the necessary requirements and that you adhere to the regulations set by the New Zealand government.

  • Visa Conditions: Based on the conditions mentioned on your Visa or the Visa label in your Passport or in a letter you received afterwards, you will be allowed to work in New Zealand.

  • For Part-time Jobs: Candidates will be allowed to work a total of 20 hours a week if they are enrolled in a full-time course along with meeting the following criteria.

    • The duration of the course should be 2 academic years at a minimum; Or

    • The duration of the course is one academic year while being a part of a certified tertiary student exchange programme; Or

    • The course should result in a New Zealand qualification that gains points in the Skilled Migrant Category.

  • For Full-time Jobs: International Students will be allowed to work full-time jobs in defined breaks during studying, provided the following criteria are met:

    • Students are studying full-time for one academic year, at least.

    • Students are pursuing a course with a total of 120 credits.

    • Students are pursuing a course that is delivered over a span of 8 months, at minimum, i.e. at least two semesters.

  • Full-time Jobs During Christmas and/or New Years: Students will be able to work full-time jobs during Christmas and/or New Years, provided they meet the following criteria.

    • Students are pursuing a full-time course.

    • Students are pursuing a course that is taught for a minimum of 8 months or two semesters in a year.

  • PhD and Masters Students: The New Zealand government has not restricted the number of hours a student enrolled in a PhD or Masters course, can work.

  • English Language Students: Students enrolled in an English Language course, the Visa conditions will allow them to work a total of 20 hours a week. However, the course requirements still need to be met.

  • Type of Employment: All types of employment are available to the students except self-employment, freelancing or engagement in any kind of engagement in prostitution.

Note: If you have any doubts regarding your ability to work or seek part-employment, it is best to connect with the student services or career guidance centres available in your respective universities or the official NZ Government website.

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Where Can I Find Jobs for International Students in New Zealand?

If you wish to and are eligible to apply for a part-time or full-time job in New Zealand, while you study, then there are different places you can visit to find such jobs. Ranging from the student services available in the University, university bulletin boards, to online portals and the Student Job Search website, you have plenty of opportunities to look out for the best job available at the time.

  • University Student Services: One of the more reliable and efficient methods of finding a job is to seek help from the University Student Support centres. Each university will have an appropriate Student Service Centre or a Career Centre that can help you find the job as per your requirements.

  • University Bulletin Boards: An important area to look out for are the University Bulletin Boards, which contain different flyers. A few of these flyers may include student job offers that you can apply to and seek a part-time job.

  • Student Job Search: An effective and efficient method of finding a job as per your requirements is to go through the Student Job Search. This is a national organisation that has taken up the responsibility of helping students find part-time jobs across New Zealand.

  • Online Platforms: Another effective area to look into are the online portals or platforms that advertise job openings for part-time and full-time jobs. If you are seeking employment in a part-time job, browsing through different websites can help you find the right job.

Note: There are plenty of job opportunities available for international students in New Zealand. You can ask your faculty members or Student support services which can also help you find employment within the university itself.

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Part-time Job Profiles in New Zealand for International Students

International students opting for a part-time job in New Zealand will be able to carry out a number of tasks and jobs across the country. From working as seasonal workers to working in a call centre, New Zealand offers numerous opportunities to the students. Here are a few of the part-time job profiles in New Zealand for international students that you can take up.

  • Retail Sales Assistant: A number of NZ Stores employ students part-time to help customers in choosing a product, accepting payment as well as taking care of the stock and cleaning. However, while many stores close by 6 pm, students choosing to work in these stores may be asked to work on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Supermarket Assistants: International students can also find part-time employment opportunities in Supermarkets to stock shelves or work on the checkout counters. Most supermarkets employ students on the weekend and usually for the evening or night shifts.

  • Seasonal Workers: Seasonal work is usually found in areas such as Vineyards and Orchards, where workers will harvest and prepare the fruits and vegetables for sale. Students often opt for this as a Summer Break job.

  • Kitchen-Hand: As a means to earn a little extra, students also opt to work as Kitchen-Hand, where they will be required to clean the dishes or provide some kind of help in the kitchen.

  • Waiter or Waitress: Another common job profile common seen taken up by students is that of a Waiter or Waitress. Students with a good grasp of the English Language will be able to take up this profile. However, there is no culture for tipping but students often get a free meal during their shift.

  • Bartender: Age restricted to 18, students can apply to be a bartender, if they possess a good grasp over the English language. However, students will be expected to work from evening till after midnight.

  • Call Centre Operator: Working in a call centre may also be a good option for those seeking part-time employment in the country. However, good English Language skills are necessary.

The job profiles mentioned above are just a few broad-ranged profiles that are available to students in the country. These can also be varied and can lead to different future prospects as well.

Pay-Scale and Taxes for International Students in New Zealand

Among the important aspects of pursuing a part-time or a full-time job in New Zealand is the salary and the taxes applicable to students. Students will be paid according to their tasks and the minimum wage currently standing in the currently. With respect to taxes - All students employed in a part or full-time job will be taxed.

Currently, international students who seek part-time or full-time employment anywhere in the country are eligible for a minimum wage of NZ$ 18.90. Students who are employed will also receive the salary for annual and public holidays each year as well as the rest breaks. It is also possible for students to earn more than the minimum wage as well.

For all students, all earnings received by the students will be taxed. Currently, the tax rate lies at 10.5%, if you earn less than NZ$14,000 per year. It is also essential for all students planning to work in the country to get an IRD Number from the Tax Department of New Zealand. Students will be able to apply for the number online.

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Popular Universities in New Zealand for International Students

If you have chosen the land of the Kiwis as your study abroad destination, then check out this list of top universities in New Zealand for You.

University Name


Courses on Offer 

Tuition Fee (in INR)

Wellington Institute of Technology

Wellington List of Courses 8,57,800 - 10,69,300 

Ara Institute of Canterbury

Christchurch List of Courses 8,64,800 - 10,30,300

Otago Polytechnic


List of Courses

8,83,600 - 11,29,600
University of Canterbury Christchurch

List of Courses

11,75,000 - 22,20,800

Waikato Institute of Technology


List of Courses 2,98,500 - 10,08,200
Manukau Institute of Technology


List of Courses 8,64,800 - 10,05,800
AUT University


List of Courses 13,73,200 - 23,49,800
University of Otago


List of Courses 12,39,200 - 21,25,700 
Eastern Institute of Technology


List of Courses 8,59,500 - 10,02,700 
University of Auckland


List of Courses 15,22,500 - 28,51,700

Among the thousands of universities and colleges to choose from, we have listed a few above. If you wish to learn more about Studying in New Zealand, then browse through our list of universities offering a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programmes.

If you wish to learn more about international education and admissions, then you can write to us at 

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