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Subhashri Roy
Subhashri Roy
Subhashri Roy

If Subhashri had to describe herself in three words, she would probably use the words ‘liberal’, ‘well-read’ and ‘creative’. However, if she was allowed to use a fourth word, it would probably be ‘feminist’.

Born in a small town in Assam, Subhashri joined CollegeDekho in 2019. Today, she is a content writer/editor whose work is focused on delivering quality content on higher education abroad. For over two and a half years now, her writing and research have been rooted within education in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Russia, among other countries.

In addition, her work revolves around understanding the ever-changing education and immigration policies of major study destinations, including India. Roy constantly explores the various dimensions of content writing not just to grab as many readers as she can but also to broaden her own creative pursuits.

After studying Bachelor’s in Political Science from Cotton University, Subhashri moved to Delhi to pursue a career in professional writing. With her increasing interest in higher studies in the field of political science (and her father’s continuous push), she enrolled herself in IGNOU’s MA in Political Science programme. 

Her interest in writing news/articles/poems can be traced back to her pre-professional days. Whether it was before 10+2 or during her Bachelor’s, she’s been on the writing path from the very start. The reason? She likes to learn something new every day which is a given in the field of content writing. Well, more often than not, grabbing the attention of the reader and optimising the content is what she strives for.

Prior to this, she had the opportunity to work with multiple brands wherein she helped attract and retain potential buyers. In addition, she has worked as a freelance technical writer with a primary emphasis on blockchain and web development. Subhashri has also interned with media houses including The Times of India (Noida) and The Sentinel (Guwahati).

Roy can never be tired of reading about world politics, Buddhism and meditation. Subhashri is an introvert, trying to understand the need for persistent interaction with people. “Does not mean I hate human beings!”, she says. She also likes to facilitate difficult conversations about feminism, politics, spirituality, cinema, and good music.

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