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Cyril Titus Zachariah
Cyril Titus Zachariah
Cyril Titus Zachariah

A prolific writer, with a keen eye for detail, Cyril Titus loves to learn new things with a cup of tea at any given moment. Being an avid observer of life, Cyril enjoys the peace found in the chaos that is life and portrays the same through various forms of art. He loves to go on long drives to unravel his mind and come back to writing with a fresh flow of thoughts and a better understanding of everything he puts his mind to.

Cyril has always been a person to unfurl his imagination in a manner that can be understood by those who read his pieces. By observing life wherever he goes, he is able to associate words and sentences to real-life situations that everyone can relate to.

While writing is one of his forms of expression, Cyril enjoys seeing the world through the lens of a camera. Capturing moments and instances that others might ignore in the hubbub of their daily lives is his favourite pastime. He also enjoys creating stories through an entire picture frame.

With a background in English Literature and Journalism, Cyril understands the importance of information and how it is portrayed to those perceiving it. It is easy to lay down the facts but it is difficult to portray them in a new and innovative manner that retains their meaning while keeping it interesting for the readers.

With the turn of the century, as the world turns to digital reading and writing, Cyril aims to adapt his techniques of writing to the requirements of the modern technologically advanced world. His experience with generating content for the online media instils in him the knowledge and understanding of being relevant on a digital platform.

Cyril’s association with the ed-tech company, CollegeDekho began 2 years ago. Since then, he has been working every day to generate content for students who are looking for suitable courses and college options. Today, Cyril not only understands students' needs pertaining to higher education but also has enough industry insights to guide them in making the right career decisions. He knows the importance of generating factually correct content for students who need to start their higher education journey, both in India and abroad.

Combining his interest in creating stories and his need for providing students with the right information, Cyril is capable of generating content that is interesting to read while being informative. At CollegeDekho, he has also had some exposure to editing content, which, he thinks, has further enhanced his craft. 

In his spare time, Cyril loves to go on short drives outside the city to soak in the air, less cluttered with civilization. The beauty and calmness of nature, especially during the early hours of the day, is something that rejuvenates Cyril’s creative mind and pushes him to write his thoughts.

Cyril believes that nature and creativity go hand in hand and therefore, uses his love for nature and his ability to capture images through words to create pieces that can reflect his ideas and thoughts. With a clearer, calmer mind, Cyril finds it easier to write content perfect for his audience.

Catch me on:- E-mail ID -  cyril.zachariah@collegedekho.com

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