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Samarpita Goswami
Samarpita Goswami
Samarpita Goswami

Samarpita is an avid reader and a keen observer of life. Her imaginative mind and interest in the diverse shades of human characters made her take the road less trodden. She took up humanities after 10th standard and became one of the school toppers in ISC. Then she went further to pursue a bachelor's and master's in English literature from the prestigious Calcutta University. With an aim to take up teaching as a profession, she did her B.Ed training.

While she was dreaming to influence the lives of young minds, life planned her destiny differently. Samarpita has been guiding students for the past ten years, enlightening them with lessons of life along with literature. During the pandemic, when she wanted to do something productive, she started her Youtube channel on various themes. She soon discovered that her passion for writing has re-kindled and started looking for opportunities where she could bare her soul in print.

Soon, Samarpita got the opportunity to be associated with CollegeDekho. Seizing the opportunity that she has been gifted with, she has started her journey as a content specialist in the study abroad team. Here, she writes on topics that help the youth to chase their dream academic careers. She feels thrilled by the possibilities that her writings open up for millions. She enjoys the “spontaneous overflow of emotions” when she creates articles and covers news. Samarpita has been the beacon of light guiding and showing a path with her wealth of words.

She likes to lead a quiet and peaceful life. Her day begins with writing positive affirmations and nurturing plants. She keeps herself engaged throughout the day with various chores apart from her job. She experiments with food and specializes in Indian cuisine. She meditates and walks for at least 5kms a day to feel energized and to enliven her mind. Samarpita is an active socialite who takes interest in empathetic listening and conversing. She is a shelter for her friends who seek her advice when they are in trouble. She is a non-judgmental person, who looks at things as it is without adding a pinch of salt.

Her passion is to travel and make new acquaintances. She loves to explore new lands and wants to travel across the world. She wants to be an eternal voyager in the sea of life and believes to wear herself out rather than rusting. She is hardworking, passionate about what she does, and takes up challenges with ease. Her inspiration is the author and poetess Maya Angelou. She believes in the lines quoted by Dr Angelou, “You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, but still, like air, I’ll rise”. Samarpita knows how to get up and walk with a smile after falling. This she considers her greatest strength.

She believes life is a blessing of God and embraces all the tests of life with open arms. If you feel connected to Samarpita’s thought process and relate to her journey then get in touch with her at

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