How to Apply to Australian Universities

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Most of the colleges and universities across Australia accept both online and offline modes of application from international students. The application process is easy and not as tiresome as it seems. Check out the steps given in the article to know how to apply to Australian Universities.

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It is a dream of many students to study abroad, experience another country, and gain international exposure. If it is a destination like Australia, the process is almost hassle-free. Students like to be well-prepared and plan before leaving for a country like Australia as the intakes differ from that of the rest of the world. Located in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia not only has different seasons and climates but also different intakes and application processes. With over 40 universities in the country, thorough research always keeps ongoing on how to apply to Australian Universities.

Australia is backed by a high-quality education system, which is one of the key points as an education destination for international students. Foreign students who are aspiring to study in Australia can grow in several aspects. Moreover, the Australian businesses and firms prefer hiring graduates from their alma mater, hence, this makes the job opportunity widely available for international students.

Admission Intakes and Deadlines for Universities in Australia

While searching for universities and courses in Australia, students should also be familiarised with admission intakes and deadlines followed in the country. So, Australia offers two major intakes - February and July. However, international students often get confused with the question -  which intake is better for Australia? Most of the students prefer July intake, but our CollegeDekho experts suggest that February intake is the one they should opt for. February intake is a primary intake season so most of the sought-out courses are offered during the semester. 

Types of Intakes and Deadlines in Australia

Students should keep in mind that the admission intakes and deadlines in Australian universities differ from institutes of other countries. Make sure to research thoroughly before applying to get benefits of scholarships or financial aid. Australian universities have two intakes:

  • Fall intake - February

  • Winter intake - July

The fall intake is popular for a number of courses. Our CollegeDekho experts suggest International students opt for this intake. The deadline for fall intake is October-November.

Whereas Winter Intake starts in July, so, its deadline is usually set for April-May

Check University Specific Admission Requirements in Australia.

Admission Requirements and Eligibility to Study in Australia

Admission requirements for top Australian universities differ as per university, programme, and course. While vocational programmes usually require a diploma or certificate, on the other hand, all degree-based programmes will require a Class 12 passing certificate or bachelor’s/master’s degree. Minimum score requirements also vary as per the university. Adding to this, English language proficiency proofs are required from all international students whose first language is not English. So, Indian applicants will have to submit an English proficiency exam score. Apart from this, other standardised exams may also be required by some universities depending on the course requirements.

Academic and Course-Specific Requirements and Eligibility for Australian Universities

As mentioned before, academic and course-specific requirements usually vary as per university. However, here are some general academic qualifications that Indian students need to have to be eligible to apply for a majority of the top universities in Australia:

  • Diploma programmes: Complete Class 12 with at least 60%.

  • Bachelor’s degree: Complete Class 12 with at least 65% and above with specific subjects. Subject-specific requirements also need to be met for certain majors.

  • Master’s degree: A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline or any discipline (as per course requirements). Minimum score and subject-specific requirements will vary as per university.

  • Research/PhD: A master’s degree with or without research work experience is required.

It is important to note that the Australian education system recognises and accepts the three-year bachelor’s degree offered by Indian universities. While most Australian universities accept this three-year degree, a few of them may ask for a four-year undergraduate degree or 16 years of formal education. However, a three-year undergraduate degree from any leading university in India is accepted by universities in Australia.

English Language Proficiency Requirements for Australian Universities

International students aspiring to study in Australia, need to prove their language skills while applying for a visa. English-speaking countries like Australia, the USA, etc will require English language proficiency scores of IELTS, TOEFL, PTE or CAE. The test scores are also considered for offering scholarships in Australia. A higher score on any one of the English proficiency tests will add value to the candidate’s profile. 

An important note to keep in mind regarding the language test is that tests like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, and others are accepted only if they have been attempted within the time period of the last 2 years from the time of application. 

Entrance Exams Required to Study in Australia

Australian universities' requirements differ as per programme and course. However, in general, students applying for undergraduate or postgraduate courses may be asked to submit standardised exam scores to get admission to an Australian university. This may be mandatory for a few colleges and universities in Australia. Below is a table that shows standardised exams requirement as per course:

Programme/Course Type

Standardised Required

Mandatory (Yes/No)













Bachelors and Masters/Law









Application Documents Required for Australian Universities

Application requirements for Australian universities for international students differ from that of Australian or New Zealand residents. So Indian applicants also need to follow the mandate set by each university for international students for application documents. The most important documents for application are the academic transcripts. All academic transcripts from previously attended educational institutions need to be sent to the university directly. 

Transcripts should be in English and issued directly from the education institution, in a sealed envelope, to the university. If the original documents are not in English, then an official translated copy of that document should be attached to the original one. Apart from that, all score reports need to be either sent directly to the university or uploaded on the university application portal. Other application documents that may or may not be required, depending on the university requirements, are as follows;

Application Process for Australian Universities

To apply to Australian universities, candidates must research thoroughly the requirements and eligibility criteria of particular universities where they have applied. The admission process for Australian universities is undoubtedly easy but needs full attention while filling up the form. Check out the steps below to apply to top universities in Australia:

Step 1: Select Course

Research courses and what other benefits the university is providing along with it like placement, etc. Determine what is going to suit the best and the career options as well. 

Step 2: Select University

Now after selecting the course, search for universities. Check which university is offering the exact course, compare their fees, etc. The facilities available at the campus, accommodation, etc.

Step 3: Apply

After deciding on the course and the university, now apply via the university website or through an agent. Check the eligibility criteria, document requirements and other details before applying. Keep all the details and papers beside while applying for the college.

Step 4: Follow the instructions

Follow the instructions carefully and fill out the form accordingly. Provide all the documents like English language proficiency score, standardised test scores, SOP, etc. 

Step 5: Submit the application

Submit your complete application form to the university. However, do not forget to recheck to avoid errors. As observed, the processing time for application acceptance ranges between four to six weeks.

Till then, work on arranging funds and explore some scholarship opportunities in Australia to plan your finances.

Also, keep in mind that application for post-graduate courses may take a little longer time.

Accepting Offer from Australian Universities

If everything goes accordingly, the candidate will receive a letter of acceptance. Make sure to respond within the time period of ten days. International students should always, before giving the enrollment confirmation, make sure to read and go through all the terms and conditions carefully. For the unversed, offer acceptance includes these:

  • Payment of tuition fee for the first semester

  • Apply for accommodation

  • Plan your subject or course

A candidate's education provider - be it a university or college - will send an admissions package with information that will help the candidate to prepare for the journey all over to Australia. These include complete information and details on course and accommodation, facts about the location, financial information and many more things.

How to Apply for an Australian Study Visa?

After accepting the admission offer and tuition fee payment, students will receive an Electronic Confirmation of Enrollment (eCoE) from the university/institution. Once they receive the eCoE, students can proceed to apply for an Australian student visa.

Before proceeding with your Visa application, check whether you have the required documents or not. Here is a list of documents that may be required for visa application:

  • Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE): It is an official document released by Australian universities to its international students as proof of their enrolment. This document is a must to show while applying for a student visa

  • Valid passport: A passport is a must with at least 6 months of validity, or else the student should apply for a new passport as early as possible.

  • English proficiency test scores: English Language Proficiency Certificates are a must for an international student to show at the time of filling the Visa Application Form.

  • Proof of funds: Just like other countries, Australia too requires proof of funds to cater to the student's education and living expenses. 

As of April 2022, the visa fee for an Australian student visa is AUD 575.

Australia provides an excellent education system, along with great part-time job opportunities for Indian students. This will help the international students to back their living expenses. So, if a student is planning to study abroad, they can definitely keep Australia on their list of top destinations.

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