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Mrunmayai Bobade
Mrunmayai Bobade
Mrunmayai Bobade

A creator and an observer, a writer who loves to paint her thoughts on the frame of a digital canvas. Mrunmayai believes that there's always been a light that's shining within her, aspiring her to become an embellished painter of her creative thoughts which are now being expressed through her writings.

Mrunmayai has a deep affection for nature and loves to observe the surreal time of the sunset every evening by grabbing a cup of coffee and listening to binaural beats (acoustics) on the rooftop.

Mrunmayai has always been a girl with the eye of the tiger, who dreams higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean. She finds her contentment through a creative writing approach and prioritizes the reader's satisfaction above self-satisfaction.

Born and brought up in a family of trustees of a private school, motivating children to adapt to education, Mrunmayai has now joined CollegeDekho as a Senior Content Specialist to broaden her career and digitally inspire more students looking for higher education options in India as well as Abroad. This will be done by delivering exceptional content that has the potential to guide students to settle upon the right career path.

While pursuing her graduation in the stream of Computer Science and Engineering, Nagpur (Maharashtra), Mrunmayai started listening to her own thoughts and decided that she ain't someone who can do her stream-related boring jobs all her life. After weathering the storms of societal pressure, Mrunmayai chose to reincarnate her love for writing. She routed her way to transforming her hobby into a passion and decided to be a blogger.

To fulfil this dream in making, she completed her Digital Marketing course in Nagpur at a Google-Partnered digital marketing institute and finished her internship in the domain of content writing. She is also a Hubspot-certified content marketer.

Mrunmayai has worked as a freelance content writer for more than 2 years while pursuing her graduation. After completing her degree, she devoted all her time to pursue her writing hobby and now she is working as a professional content writer with experience of more than 2.6 years. Henceforward, she has a hand in writing over a diversity of domains.

In her spare time, Mrunmayai loves to travel along with her third eye (camera), embarrassing solitude, discovering herself, and meditating so that she can come back with a crystal clear mindset that rejuvenates her analytical mind which shoves her to pen down some great thoughts.

Mrunmayai believes that mother nature and a musical drive conjointly raise her thoughts to a higher frequency which an innovative writer needs, and vocabulary (a piece of words) helps her ideas pellucid, making it perfect for the audience to read and remember.

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