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Nile swati laxman
Nile swati laxman
Nile swati laxman

Sristy works at CollegeDekho as a study abroad expert and writes to provide aspiring students with the know-how of this domain. Her work in the article wing of the study abroad wing of the business helps Indian students explore the possible study options worldwide. She also contributed to the news wing by keeping up with the industry trends and posting regular updates on abroad colleges and their admission processes.

As a person who struggled to find passion, Sristy understands the value of finding the right career path at an early age. This law graduate completed her Bachelor of Commerce, tried a hand at C.A., dabbled in CAT entrance, and joined LLB. While she was unsure where her education would lead her, she continued to write as a hobby.

A movie fanatic, Sristy found her calling in writing at a very young age. When she was just 11, she had cut out a deal with her father during the summer vacation stating that she would get to watch TV for the whole day if she reads and rewrites an Editorial Article from the newspaper every day. Little did she know that the childhood deal would turn into a lifetime passion.

Though Sristy had an endless love for books and fiction, writing was a giant task for her. Even after continuously writing news and editorial articles for 8 straight years, it never occurred to her that writing could be her ultimate destiny.

With her pen tucked in her left fist, Sristy continued to write as a hobby while completing her graduation. Discovering her career path was not a day’s chronicle, she had to challenge herself, and be strict with herself to continue pursuing the act regularly for a year without fail. The persistence converted the hobby into a passion and she accepted the joy and love she held for the art of writing.

Armed with a Law degree in December 2020, Sristy entered the field of content writing as a Finance Content Writer in February 2021 at Roton Consultancies Private Limited, Jaipur. After working for a few months for the company, she realised that she needed to explore more opportunities if she wanted to achieve a growth trajectory in her career and switched to as a Content Writer for Study Abroad finding it to be a more flourishing domain in November 2021. This journey has made her more confident about her job profile as an education expert, where she puts all her energy into researching and sharing reliable information with Indian aspirants who seek career guidance.

Apart from writing as a professional expert, Sristy writes for her soul. Fond of poetry, she nourishes herself by writing small pieces of her own. Her ultimate goal in life is to make a name for herself as an Author and Writer. She has successfully laid the foundation stones of this dream with the help of Writersgram Publications in the spring of 2021 by getting her poetry collection published as The Hidden Ingredient under the pen name P.By. Apart from being an author, she has also co-authored a few pieces of writing in Moon Soul and Tangerine, both anthologies published by Unvoiced Hearts.

Sristy views content writing, especially in the field of education, to be an important tool to help people identify and choose the appropriate path. She writes for CollegeDekho with a belief that when quality education is provided to youth, we provide our future with a chance to be better than the present.

Feel free to connect with her at

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